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2395211 - Creating and configuring Home Page Tours


  • Creating a Home Page Tour
  • Configuring Steps in a Home Page Tour
  • Launching a Tour


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


  • What Are Home Page Tours?

A home page tour is a guided tour of the SuccessFactors Home Page that allows people to learn about different parts of the page. As an administrator, you can select which parts of the home page to include in the tour and customize the explanatory text. On the new home page, you can create any number of tours, for any specified group and visible during a specified date range.

  • Prerequisites

New Home Page v3

Creating a Home Page Tour

You can create any number of home page tours for the new home page, for any specified audience and active dates.

  • Steps to create the Home page Tour:
  1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Home Page and click the Manage Tours icon.
  2. Click Create New Tour
  3. Enter a tour title. You can also localize the tour title, click the "globe" icon and enter localized translations in the Alternative Languages dialog.
  4. Select the target audience of the tour. You can select an existing group from the dropdown or use the "plus" icon to add a new target group.
  5. Select the active dates. You can select Fixed Dates, with a specified start and end date, or Variable Dates with a start date that varies by user followed by a specified duration.
  6. Click Add to add your tour.

Results: The new tour is created and you are directed to the Tour Steps page to configure the steps of the tour.

Configuring Steps in a Home Page Tour

You can configure the steps that appear in a home page tour.  You can add or remove steps on the Tour Steps page. You can do this during the creation of a new tour.

  • Steps to configure Home Page Tour:
  1. 1. If you are creating a new tour, you are automatically directed to the Tour Steps page after the tour is created. To configure steps in an existing tour, go to Admin Center ->Manage Home Page ->Manage Tours and click the tour title to be taken to the Tour Steps page.
  2. 2. Configure the Begin Tour step. This always the first step in a tour.
  • To edit the step name, click the dotted section showing the current name and enter the new step name.
  • To add a step message, click the dotted section below the step name and enter the desired message.
  • To localize the step name or step message, click the relevant "globe" icon and enter localized translations in the Alternative Languages dialog.
  1. To add a new step to the tour, click the "plus" icon and select the name of a home page tile from the dropdown menu.

For each step that you add, you can:

  • Edit the step name
  • Add a step message 
  • Localize the text you provide
  1. To delete a step, click the "trash" icon to enter delete mode. Then, click the X icon for the step you want to delete.
  2. To reorder the steps, click and hold the "drag" icon to move steps into the desired order
  3. Click Save Tour to save your changes.

How many Times Can I Launch a Tour?

When you login/proxy the tour will launch only the first time you login/proxy as user.

Provided the below conditions are met:

  1. Source code allows a tour to popup automatically when the user login/proxy for the fist time. 
  2. The user set "Start page" as "Home" page in his/her own options because a tour is only available in Home page.

Can a Home Page Tour Pop up be Re-Launched automatically ?

No -However If a user doesn't skip nor finish a tour, it could re-launch again, which is excepted behavior.

See Also

For more details see SAP Help Document Tours on the New Home Page


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