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2395508 - IP addresses to be added into allow list when customer's own sftp is used with Integration Center


A non-SuccessFactors/private/external SFTP used is failing to receive data or receive files from your integrations with the SAP Integration Center, or an SAP SFTP is used and is currently configured with a restriction IP address list.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
    • Integration Center


You have IP restrictions enabled at your SFTP site or the outbound SFTP communications may be restricted in the SAP Datacenter.

You are trying to use other port not allowed. The Port 22 is the supported port for SFTP communication. Custom port is not authorized for communication.


1. Request the SFTP provider to confirm the two SAP Data Center public IP addresses for your system are not on the SFTP server(s): IP Auto Ban List.

2. Request the SFTP Provider that restricts access by IP address to add the two SAP public data center IP addresses on their SFTP server(s): IP Allow List.


IP to be added into allow list

DC2 Preview,

DC2 Prod

DC2 Salesdemo

DC4 Preview

DC4 Prod

DC4 Salesdemo

DC8 Prod,

DC8 Preview,

DC8 Salesdemo,

DC10 Prod and preview,,,,,,,

DC12 Prod and preview,,,

DC15 Prod

DC16 Premium

DC17 Prod,  (deprecated now DC17 > changed to DC60)

DC18 Prod

DC19 Prod (deprecated now DC19 > changed to DC62)

DC19 Preview (deprecated now DC19 > changed to DC62)


DC22 - (Complete Range)


DC41 and (we need to ask customers to allow both IPs as the system picks both of them randomly!)


DC47 Preview

DC47 Prod

DC52 Prod and Preview and



DC60 and

DC62 and

Note: Items in BLUE are the latest updated IPs.

Please note that in the Integration Center's handbook section 13.2 (Scenario 2: Cannot Reach Destination Server for REST and SOAP Integrations), you can see in the error logs the IP addresses that is still missing in your allow list in case of failures.

If you still cannot connect, please read the KBAs in the "See Also" section. Just for your information, if the SAP allowlist is required from SAP network side, this request can around 2 or 4 weeks due several internal approvals required.

Also check our Integration Center's handbook.

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