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2396567 - How to Migrate Related Contracts Using Data Workbench


You want to Migrate Related Contracts using Data Workbench, however you are not able to find any option using standard Objects in Data Workbench.


The DWB does not support this functionality. Related contracts are not part of the Standard OData Service used for Data Workbench.


You can use below work around using the Custom OData Service:

1) Go to Admisnistrator workcenter
1) Select Odata Service Explorer view
2) Create a new OData Service for business object Contract with node Root, and then add the BusinessTransactionDocumentReference node.
3) Set the Data Workbench Enabled Indicator.
3) For entity ContractBusinessTransactionDocumentReference select the following attributes:
          BusinessTransactionDocumentReference as  ID
          BusinessTransactionDocumentReference as TypeCode
          BusinessTransactionDocumentReference as BusinessTransactionDocumentRelationshipRoleCode
    NOTE: Maintain the path to the parent node to get the contract ID in; otherwise you can also identify the contract via the ContractExternal Key
4) Activate this OData service.
5) When you use this OData service in the Data Workbench workcenter, maintain the following values in the CSV Template for the relationships between the Contracts:
          ID is the ID of the related Contracts  and TypeCode must be 2004
          BusinessTransactionDocumentRelationshipRoleCode must be either 1 (1 for Predecessor) or 2 (2 for Successor)
6) Maintaining the relationship in one Contract automatically adds it to the other one.
    For example, if you have two contracts A and B, and you maintain for contract A:
          ID = B ,
          TypeCode = 2004
          BusinessTransTypeCode actionDocumentRelationshipRoleCode = 2
    In this case Contract B will automatially get a reference to Contract A with Role Code as 1.


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