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2397829 - Does SAP Jam have any facilities to support individuals with disabilities, e.g. the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)


Does SAP Jam have any facilities to support individuals with disabilities, e.g. the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)?


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Government and public agencies that require adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) can ensure that their employees with disabilities have a productive experience with SAP Jam.

The following list describes some of the frequently used SAP Jam features or elements of the SAP Jam web experience which have been enhanced for accessibility support:

●  Alert messages: When an alert message appears for the purposes of prompting you to enter information or correct the information you just entered, the screen reader will read the message prompt.

●  Calendars with events: The cog icon on the calendar can be accessed by the keyboard, allowing it to be read by screen readers. Day cells on the calendar date picker are read as the full date.

●  Color contrast: Page elements display as expected in supported high contrast mode.

●  Content rating: The screen reader provides a detailed explanation of what appears in the ratings section for a content item.

●  Descriptive browser page titles: The titles that display on browser page tabs are now more detailed so that the screen reader can provide a bit more information to the user about the page they're on.

●  Home page and heading structure: Standard heading elements in HTML are used for the titles of the Feed, Recently Visited Groups, and Recently Viewed Content sections to facilitate screen reader navigation.

●  Image tool tips: All icons and images in SAP Jam now have tool tips that appear when you hover the cursor over them. Tool tips are also read out by the screen reader.

●  Keyboard controls: A tab sequence has been added to support keyboard tab actions to navigate through menus, jump to page (e.g., F6/Shift +F6), buttons, links, text boxes and other fields that have the option or requirement for data entry or data selection. For polls, where "Allow users to add their own options" has been enabled, the keyboard control also moves to the option to "Add your own answer" at the end of the list.

●  Page element focus: A visual indicator displays when the cursor focus is placed on page elements (e.g., buttons, text boxes, checkboxes).

●  Processing action: When you are waiting for an action to complete and there is a visual representation of the processing, then the screen reader will explain that the action is in progress.

●  Profile pages: Keyboard support for all page elements using Tab and enter, arrow, or escape keys. All page elements are correctly identified with labels. All table cells are identified in the order of value, title, row, and column.

●  Alt tags and keyboard entries: Screen readers can read the alt tags now added to pages (e.g., home feed, group feed), buttons, links, menus, navigation regions, light boxes, and field entry elements. It also announces keyboard entries as they are performed in SAP Jam (e.g., tab, shift tab, enter). Page headings, column headings, button names, and links are read by the screen reader.

●  Success and error messages: When an action is successful, the screen reader can now read a success message for confirmation. When an action results in an error, the screen reader can read the error message. To re-read the messages, press Ctrl + Shift + M/Control + Shift + M.

●  Tab chain: You can now use the keyboard controls to reset the tab focus for a given element. For example, you can use Ctrl + L to change the location focus or Alt + D to move to the search box.

●  Tables: When you tab to a table cell, the screen reader now reads its location and content by the row number, column title, and column number.

Please note:

Use Tab + the "R" key to navigate through a large region, and then use the Tab key to tab into individual fields. 


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