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2398022 - How to enable delegate functionality in LMS


  • Supervisor delegation function enables supervisor to identify other users with supervisor responsibility - or act on their behalf under necessary requirements based on the business.
  • For example of the supervisor is out of office and nominates a delegate to be responsible for all supervisor's subordinates.
  • Delegates made by supervisor can have some or all the permissions granted to the supervisor he acts on behalf of.


  • SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) - All Supported Versions



  1. Ensure https://*, https://*, & https://* is added to trusted sites.
  2. System admin > Configuration > Global Application Settings
  3. Delegate Settings
  4. Choose between Selected or Predefined Permissions


  • If you select Predefined Permissions, then supervisors can select another user to act as a delegate.
  • When supervisors provide predefined permissions to another user, they provide that user with all of the workflows of the USER PROXY ROLE (System Admin > Security > Role Management).
  • If you select Selected Permissions, then supervisors can select the workflows (from the set of workflows that they currently have) that they want to grant to the user. 

Set up a delegate

1. On User interface go to "options and settings" on the LINKS tile



2. Under Delegates, click "Add" to add a user as delegate -



 3. Select the user in the search user option



To define any restriction on the number of users returned in this search, please be aware of the following settings in System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration > Search

# This configuration is used to specify the number of organization levels above the user's organization the user can search when restrictUserPeerSearchbyOrg is enabled.
# Min Value: 0 /Max Value: 30  Default value: 0
# 0: search results returns only users associated to the user's organization or its sub-organizations
# > 0:search results returns users associated to user's parent organization <x levels above user's org.> and its sub-organizations

# This configuration is used to limit the end user's user search to users within an organization tree.
# True: users may only search for users within specified organization tree
# False: users may search for any active user in the LMS
# Default: false

4. Grant Permissions

Depending on what you have selected in Global Variables, the corresponding option will show:

  • Predefined Permissions


  • Selected Permissions:


5. SAVE your choice and the user can now start to act as a delegate

How can delegate user act on behalf of the supervisor

1. On User interface go to the LINKS tile

There is now a banner for "delegator" where you can select a user for which you want to act on behalf of



2. Once you select a user, you will open a new window where you can act as delegate


See Also

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