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What types of reports are available in SAP Jam?


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SAP Jam Collaboration administrator reports display information on many aspects of SAP Jam usage like: user information, user contribution, consumption activity, disk usage and statistics.
SAP Jam Reports can be downloaded as CSV files.
Many reports are available to Group Administrators for group-specific data.

  • Activity Summary by Month or Week
  • Company Settings Changes
  • Company User Detail
  • Compliance
  • Content Views by Week or Month
  • Contribution by Object by Week or Month
  • Engagement
  • Expertise (Enterprise Edition Only)
  • Group Activity
  • Group Administrators
  • Group Member Activity
  • Group Template Activity
  • Kudos Detail
  • Mobile Activation
  • Terms of Service Compliance
  • Top Disk Usage per Group or per User
  • User Contribution Activity
  • User Contribution by Week or Month
  • User Page Views by Week or Month

To run a report

  1. From the SAP Jam Admin console, select Analytics Reports from the left side navigation.

  2. Select the options for the report that you want to run:

    • Select Report: Select the type of report that you want to run from the top drop-down menu.
      The report types, and in some cases the report parameters, that are available are described below.

    • Specify Date Range: Click the Start Date and End Date fields or calendar icons to select the beginning and ending dates, respectively, for the period to be covered by your report from the pop-up calendar selector widgets. As per the note at the start of this topic, the maximum date range spans no more than three months.

    • Show Report Header: Select this option to include report headings indicating the report name and the settings used for the report (such as the time frame and the group or groups covered).

    • Select Group: Select either All Company or any of the groups that have been created in your company.

  3. Once you have set the parameters for the report that you want to run, click Request report.

    The report is queued to be run. Your report will be run almost immediately, unless there are multiple reports scheduled (queued). Some reports with large amounts of data to process, such as the Group Activity Report, can take up to about an hour to run.
    Queued and completed reports will be listed in the table below the report options section of the page. These queued and completed reports are visible to all administrators.

  4. To download your report, click the name of your report in the table below the report options section of the page, which will open your browser's download options dialog box.
    It may be necessary to reload the page in your browser to see the results of a recently run report.

Note that area administrators have access to a very limited set of reports, and not all reports available to company administrators for companies that are integrated with SuccessFactors foundation are available to company administrator for companies that are not integrated. The availability of reports is shown in the following table:

jam reports.JPG


If users copy or move content between groups, this will affect the counts of their activities in reports. For example, a moved document will no longer be counted in the original group, but it will be counted in the new group in which it is located, while a copied document will be counted in both groups.

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