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2412438 - Dropdown in Home Address Fields are not Showing any value


  • When trying to add Address Information under Personal information portlet, fields  Location , Zip and Postal code are not showing the correct values in the Dropdown for some countries , it is appearing as "No Selection"

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  • Employee Central

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to User Profile under Personal Information
  2. In home Address set the Country you need
  3. You will notice that some fields are not displaying values in the Dropdown


  • This is because the "country" field is not configured for the "homeAddress" configuration for the country you are facing the issue. For every homeAddress configuration in the Country Specific XML for Succession Data Model XML, you need to include the Country field in the XML, otherwise it will not identify the Parent field correctly.


  • This is the Field missing in the XMLCountry Specific XML for Succession Data Model


<hris-field max-length="256" id="country" visibility="both" required="true">
<label xml:lang="ar-SA">الدولة</label>
<label xml:lang="bg-BG">Държава</label>
<label xml:lang="bs-BS">Negara</label>
<label xml:lang="bs-ID">Negara</label>
<label xml:lang="ca-ES">País</label>
<label xml:lang="cs-CZ">Oblast</label>
<label xml:lang="cy-GB">Gwlad</label>
<label xml:lang="da-DK">Land</label>
<label xml:lang="de-CH">Land</label>
<label xml:lang="de-DE">Land</label>
<label xml:lang="el-GR">Χώρα</label>
<label xml:lang="en-GB">Country</label>
<label xml:lang="es-ES">País</label>
<label xml:lang="es-MX">País</label>
<label xml:lang="fi-FI">Maa</label>
<label xml:lang="fr-CA">Pays</label>
<label xml:lang="fr-FR">Pays</label>
<label xml:lang="he-IL">ארץ</label>
<label xml:lang="hi-IN">देश</label>
<label xml:lang="hr-HR">Država</label>
<label xml:lang="hu-HU">Ország</label>
<label xml:lang="it-IT">Paese</label>
<label xml:lang="ja-JP">国</label>
<label xml:lang="ko-KR">국가</label>
<label xml:lang="nb-NO">Land</label>
<label xml:lang="nl-NL">Land</label>
<label xml:lang="pl-PL">Kraj</label>
<label xml:lang="pt-BR">País</label>
<label xml:lang="pt-PT">País</label>
<label xml:lang="ro-RO">Ţară</label>
<label xml:lang="ru-RU">Страна</label>
<label xml:lang="sk-SK">Štát</label>
<label xml:lang="sl-SI">Država</label>
<label xml:lang="sr-RS">Zemlja</label>
<label xml:lang="sv-SE">Land</label>
<label xml:lang="th-TH">ประเทศ</label>
<label xml:lang="tr-TR">Ülke</label>
<label xml:lang="uk-UA">Країна</label>
<label xml:lang="vi-VN">Quốc gia</label>
<label xml:lang="zh-CN">国家</label>
<label xml:lang="zh-TW">國家</label>

See Also

  • Implementation Guide for Country Specifics refer to the link


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