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2413652 - Position Management: Job Information to Position Sync Troubleshooting Guide


Job Information to Position Sync, for the incumbent's Position is not occurring.


Employee Central - Position Management

Reproducing the Issue

Job Information to Position Sync, for the incumbent's Position is not occurring in the following scenarios:

  • Job Information is updated via the MSS action (Take Action)
  • Job Information is updated via import. 


This issue has occurred due to a configuration issue or incorrect understanding of the scenarios in which a Job Information to Position Sync, for the incumbent's Position will occur.


Step 1 - General Configuration Issues:

Rule Configuration:

  • The rule must be created from the Rule Scenario: Synchronize Incumbent’s Changes to Position
  • The rule should only be triggered if a position is assigned to the job info, this is done through the IF- Condition of the rule, which must check if the:
    Job Information. Position is not equal to Null.
    Further Information on the rule configuration can be found here

Position Management Settings:

  • Please make sure that your Position To Job Information Sync rule is triggered correctly. This rule should ONLY be triggered in the following places only:
    The "Rule for Synchronizing Job Information to Position" field on the "Synchronization" tab of the "Position Management Settings" UI in Admin Center.
  • If you wish to Reclassification or Transfer to be triggered on Job information Imports, the following section of the "Import"  tab of the "Position Management Settings" UI in Admin Center: 
    Execute Reclassification or Transfer During Job Information Import
    Further Information on the import settings can be found here

Event Reason Object Configuration: 

  • The "Follow Up Activity" field on the Event Reason determines for which event reason, the reclassification or transfer actions will occur. 
    This field must be set to visibility=both in the corporate data model and mush have the positionActionType picklist assigned to it.  Further Information on the field configuration can be found here
  • The positionActionType must be configured as follows;
    picklistId external_code en_US (Then language you chose as you need)
    positionActionType RCLS Position Reclassification
    positionActionType TRAN Position Transfer
  • Please note if your instance is migrate to Picklist Center the Non-unique External Code must be the same as the external code (RCLS and TRAN). 

Step 2 - Scenarios in which the Job Information Change will sync to the Position of the Incumbent, if the above configuration is correctly defined:

  • Please review the following section of the handbook to review the requirements for both Reclassification and Transfer : 
    Employee Central Position Management - Position Reclassification and Position Transfer
  • The sync will only occur for records created with an Event Reason that has a Follow Up Activity set. 
  • The sync will NEVER occur for changes made via Job History.  You should use the take action to perform this changes. 
  • The sync will only occur on import or API upsert if you have enabled it to do so via Position Management Settings > Import > Execute Reclassification or Transfer During Job Information Import (see "Execute Position Processes During Job Information Import" from the Employee Central Position Management handbook for reference).
  • If a position was selected manually while the jobInfo was changed, position reclassification or position transfer doesn't take place. Only the jobInfo is saved.
    If you wish for a position change and values to be updated, these must be carried out in separate records, for the transfer and reclassification to occur (1 record for the position change and 1 record for the field value change). 

 Step 3 - Trouble Shooting steps:

  1. Check if a rule is configured and is configured correctly using the right Scenario.
  2.  Check if in the event reason foundation object you can find a field named "Follow-Up Activity in Position"
  3. Review the value selection of the Follow Up Activity including the picklist configuration see above for details.
  4. Review and business rules on the Position object Definition that may be stopping the position record from being created, such as raise message business rules, 



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