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2420278 - Advanced Options for Team Overview - Performance Management


  1. Explanation on the Team Overview related settings available by extending "Show advanced options..." link on route map setting page.
  2. Whenever a manager go to the Team Overview page and looked at the 1:1 column, it shows "<name of Employee> meeting with <name of Employee>".


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


  1. Team Overview Settings under "Show advanced options..."

    • Start of Review
      This option indicates that performance review process starts from this step. All following steps, including this step, are shown on team overview page.
      In a route map, there is only one step can be marked as "start of review".

    • Out of Turn Access
      With this option checked on, the step owner can review the form from team overview page before the form arrives in the user's inbox.
      Please refer to this article for more information: 2078106 - Performance Management: PM v12 - Out of Turn Access

      If you wish to give the OOTA access to the Manager, then you will need to enable OOTA on the Manager's route map step.

      OOTA steps can only be enabled after the "Start of review" step.

    • 1:1 Meeting
      At this step, a "Confirm 1:1 Meeting" button will be shown on team overview. By clicking this button on team overview page, the form will be routed to signature/complete stage directly.

      EM is the recommended role of 1:1 meeting.
      Only the last modify step can be set as 1:1 meeting step.
      Single step is the required step type.

      Note: once 1:1 Meeting is checked on the Advanced option, "Confirm 1:1 Meeting" is the default Exit button text on the PM form.

  2. 1:1 Column showing <name of Employee> meeting with <name of Employee>

    This is an expected behavior if the 1:1 step in the route map is built to be a Collaborative or Iterative Step. 1:1 step needs to be created as a Single Step with the correct user role, which will be the EM role in this case. Then the 1:1 colunm will show "<name of Employee> meeting with <name of Manager>". Enabling the 1:1 step in a C-step or I-step will result in the "Employee will meet with Employee" message.


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