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2421628 - Record attendance via QR codes - LMS


  • How to set up and record attendance via QR Code functionality?
  • Is the QR code functionality working on the SF mobile app?


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LMS Admin Steps:

  1. Go to LMS Admin > System Admin > Security > Role Management > Add all workflows to the DEFAULT INSTRUCTOR role.
  2. Associate an instructor record with a user if you don’t already have one (LMS Admin à Instructors à search for an instructor and add a user to the Related User field)
  3. Make sure that the instructor has the DEFAULT INSTRUCTOR role is selected on the instructor record (same location as above)
  4. Go to LMS Admin > System Admin > Configuration > Global Variables > Check the Enable QR Codes checkbox (under General Settings)
  5. Register the user (that has the mobile app installed – see #6 below) into a scheduled offering that leverages the instructor you used above.


  • You will need two devices capable of running the SuccessFactors Mobile app for this to work.
  • Install the app on them both – one as a user  and one as a user (USER) that has the instructor role associated with their record (INSTRUCTOR).
  • The scanner only works on an iPad, the Instructor must use an iPad for recording, Pads, iPhones and androids can open the QR code to be scanned. 

To open the QR code as  USER:

  1. Go into the mobile app as the USER.
  2. Navigate to Learning
  3. Click the View Registration button for the offering that you registered the user in above
  4. Click the My QR Code link

To Scan a QR Code as an INSTRUCTOR:

  1. Go into the mobile app as the INSTRUCTOR
  2. Tap the three lines in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select Instructor.
  3. Tap the Past Classes tab
  4. Tap the course that you registered the user into earlier
  5. Tap the Edit Attendance button under the SCHEDULE (NOT under Students where the record learning button is).
  6. Tap the Scan button at the very top of the screen. 
  7. The QR code scanner will automatically open and start looking for a code.  Once it locks on to a code it will automatically grab it.


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