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2422605 - Suppression of error messages raised while Supplier invoice creation via ABSL scripting


How to suppress few errors that araise while document is created via ABSL scripting like given below

Error message:Item missing

but item gets created in later steps


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We recommend you to use the A2X approach,

  1. Go to Application user management work center
  2. Navigate to :Service explorer and search for "ManageSupplierInvoiceIn"
  3. Click on the documentation "Link" for more details

Steps required in PDI are given below:

1) Create an External Web Service Integration in PDI Add-On for SIV A2X create Service( refer to help document in ByD Studio on how to create the same ) . Please make sure the communication scenario with the communication arrangements are correctly created.

2) Write an ABSL script similar to below to trigger the Invoice creation with reference to a Purchase Order Item using SIV A2X.

import ABSL;

import AP.SupplierInvoicing.Global ;

var request: Library::SIV.MaintainBundle.Request;

var header: Library::SIV.MaintainBundle.Request.SupplierInvoiceBundleMa intainRequest_sync.SupplierInvoice;

var item :Library::SIV.MaintainBundle.Request.SupplierInvoiceBundleMaint ainRequest_sync.SupplierInvoice.Item;

header.BuyerParty.PartyKey.PartyID.content = "MC10000";

header.SellerParty.PartyKey.PartyID.content ="MC2000";

header.BusinessTransactionDocumentTypeCode.content = "004" ;

//header.Date = "2016-10-26" ;

item.BusinessTransactionDocumentItemTypeCode = "002" ;

item.PurchaseOrderReference.BusinessTransactionDocumentReference.ID.cont ent = "50";

item.PurchaseOrderReference.BusinessTransactionDocumentReference.TypeCod e.content = "001";

item.PurchaseOrderReference.BusinessTransactionDocumentReference.ItemID = "1" ;


request.SupplierInvoiceBundleMaintainRequest_sync.SupplierInvoice.Add(he ader);

var response = Library::SIV.MaintainBundle(request, " ", "SIV_COMM");


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