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2423166 - Users are able to see master data (dimension members) and enter transaction data when data access control is enabled in SAP Analytics Cloud


  • If a dimension has the "Enable Data Access Control" option set under the dimension preferences or model data access menu, users are still able to see restricted dimensions members (read access) and enter data even though they do not have write access in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).
  • Data access control (DAC) not working as expected.
  • When publishing data, some data is not published, and the following warning may appear:
    • Some of your changes can't be published because of limited access rights.
      Those changes will be lost.
      Affected Versions:
      Do you want to publish everything else?


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise)


  • Data access control (DAC) specified in the model is only applied to fact (table / transaction) data.
  • Master data (members in the member selection dialogs / story / input control filters) are not part of the data access control.
  • Data appears as unbooked and you can see restricted dimension members by clicking the "Unbooked data" option in the Story builder or setting the "Unbooked On" in a story, panel or input control filters.
  • Users who create private versions or try to update public versions are able to write data to any member (data is not actually saved until you click the "Save" button in the version management dialogue)
  • Data access control is applied when a user tries to save or publish a private version to a public version or when they try to publish a public version and then choose the "Save as" new version option.
  • In this case only the data for which the user has write privileges will be published.
  • The following message will appear:
    • Due to limited access rights, some of the data can't be saved. Do you want to save everything except those data?
    • Some of your data changes can't be published because of limited access rights. Those changes will be lost. Do you want to publish everything else?"


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