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2424094 - Time Type for a Paid Holiday Dissappears from Working Time


Time Type for a Paid Holiday dissappears from Working Time of an employee Time Recording.

Reproducing the Issue

1) Go to Time Administration workcenter.
2) Go to Employees view.
3) Show All Employees and find the employee XXX (where XXX reprsents Employee ID).
4) Select Edit and navigate to the tab Employee Times.
5) In the Calendar tab, show the week DD.MM.YYYY.

DD.MM.YYYY is a Public Holiday.

Suppose the employee works for few hours on DD.MM.YYYY, then we also have the below.

1. Go to Employee Payroll Time.
2. Show All EmployeePayrollTimes.
3. Select the Employee Payroll Time ID: YYY (where YYY reprsents Employee Payroll Time ID) and choose Edit.
4. From the drop-down, select Payroll Group ZZZ (where ZZZ reprsents Payroll Group).
5. Select the Start and End Date for the week within which the Public Holiday appears.
6. Select the Employee XXX.
7. Collect Times (Selected employee).
8. Time items in Employee Time Calendar is available.

Not able to see Time TypePaid Holiday time for DD.MM.YYYY.

You can see Time Type for Actual Hours Worked recorded, but not able to see the Time Type Paid Holiday against the Employee Times, which should also be included. Therefore, Time Type Paid Holiday is missing.


For an employee whose Time Recording Type is Positive, and handle holiday as Holiday is a Paid Day Off below is the scenario:
1. If there is no time recording done by the employee on a holiday, the Calendar Time Entry has Paid Holiday which is sent over to Payroll with the full duration, as specified in the Work Schedule.

2. If the employee performs some time recording (2 hours for example), a calendar period item specific to this time only 2 hours recording is sent over to Payroll.

You expect that the two hours recorded by the employee should be sent in addition to the Paid Holiday duration to Payroll - else it appears that although the employee has workedon a holiday, the employee is being paid less than that if the employee has not worked at all.

So your expectations on system behavior are valid.

There is also a scenario where, the employee is really asked to work on the public holiday - based on the actual time recorded by the employee, he/she would be paid (probably at a higher rate based on the Premium Pay chosen).

Hence, so the design as per generic requirement.

Workaround: In case an employee has to work on a paid holiday, then the employee needs to record the Planned Working Hours for that day in addition to the Actual Time worked, in order that there is no loss of pay.

The side effect is that the Time Type Paid Holiday is not visible in Payroll for this date.


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