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2425424 - Compensation - Publishing EC Promotions & Event/Event Reasons


How does publishing EC Promotions and Events work?

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After processing a Promotion via a Compensation worksheet, it is necessary to have the Employee Central output section defined in orer to publish the information back to EC. You are only able to get Employee Central data up until the effective date you have within Compensation plan.

You would therefore publish whatever data back to Employee Central based on the publishing date you have either at worksheet level or in the xml.


Following the b1911 release there has been a change within Employee Central. Customers will be required to update the following within manage business configuration for onSave, onChange triggers.

worksheet promotion.png

This is to ensure changes made in worksheets via the promotion tool triggers rules, save etc.

Defining EC promotion pulish date

  • This change can only be done within the template's xml. Please contact Professional Services or your preferred Partner to perform this change.

  • The below code defines the ect-output section for jobInfo which is used for publishing Promotion changes from Compensation worksheets to EC.


Event Derivation (Seeing & not seeing event/event reason within promotion)

While processing a promotion via Compensation worksheets you may notice there is no selection for "Event" or "Event Reason".

promotion missing event reason.png

This is down to the instanc cofiguration with Employee Central and the fact "Enable Business Rules or Event Reason Derivation" is enabled.

derivation enabled.png

There are two options available for publishing event reasons.

  • Business Rule based = Enable Business Rules for Event Reason Derivation
  • XML based = Enable youCalc rules engine for HRIS — requires “Employee Central V2 (i.e., Event Reason Derivation)

This feature is allowing the system to determine which Event Reason should be used when making Job Information and Compensation Information changes in Employee Central.

If the feature is enabled, then you will not see the Event and Event Reason fields in the UI and instead, when saving the data, the system will use the Event Derivation setup to determine the correct Event Reason to use.

If you disable the feature within the instance, then all end users will be forced to select the correct Event/Event Reason for their change, rather than the system determining the right one.

So, if the feature is enabled, you will not see the fields when doing the Job Info promotion via Compensation worksheet. This should be ok, as they will be derived when the system publishes data back to EC.

The most important thing is to ensure there are sufficient rules configured (depending on the setup in use) for the system to correctly determine a "Promotion" Event and Reason.

This can be done through yor partner/implementation team.

Saving promotions within worksheets

As mentioned above you can have derivation either enabled or disabled within your instance. This will either show the event selections or not while within the promotion screen.

The following are two scenarios represent different behaviours when derivation is enabled or not.  

Derivation enabled

In the below screen shot we have derivaition enabled and therefore can not select a event or event reason

promotion with deriviation.png

As we can see the "Save" button is highlighted by default. This means you can directly save this screen even without having change any employee information. For example processing a promotion.

This is expected behaviour as event derivaition is enabled.

Once you select the "Promote" button from the worksheet the system will automatically check EC for the correct business rules so the correct event and event reason will be populated upon publishing.

NOTE: If you access promotion, make not changes in job roles, pay grades etc and save the page the event reason/event is saved. Therefore this can be classed as a promotion.

promotion icon.png

Derivation disabled

In the below example we have event deriviation is disabled.

If we select no event/event reason and attempt to "Save" we will get a warning message.

deriviation disabled.png

Please note the "Save" button here is also selectable however as deriviation is not enabled the user therefore needs to select an event/event reason as the system will not preselect one for you.

You are therefore unable to save without making a selection. However, if you do select the event/event reason, make no employee chnages in grades etc and save this will also be classed as a promotion.


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