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What is the path for Job Feeds in RSS or XML format from SuccessFactors where you can view the jobs posted in your instance.
Indeed or another 3rd party have reported not being able to scrape jobs from RCM any longer. Why is that and what to do to address the issue?


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


Job Listing in XML format

SuccessFactors offers a unique standard URL for the Jobs Feed XML which would follow a pattern like:

https://<Career site URL>/career?company=<Company ID>&career_ns=job_listing_summary&resultType=XML
  • <Career Site URL>: career site datacenter URL;
  • <Company ID>: company ID of your SuccessFactors instance.


This feed will return all jobs posted to your default career site considering the default language.

URL for a particular language (locale)

URL with filters

https://<Career Site URL>/career?company=<Company ID>&career_ns=job_listing_summary&customFilter_filter1=%5BreplacewithoptionId%5D&

Here only two filters are used as an example, below are the other filters which can be used. The filter restriction will apply if these are enabled in the Provisioning else they will be ignored. For the value being filtered, you need to get the option ID of the picklist value from the Picklist Center and add %5B before and %5D after the Option ID in the URL. For example if the option ID was 1234 the value would be %5B1234%5D. If you wanted to filter by two values for the same filter you would add both between the %5B and %5D and separate them by a comma. For example if the Option IDs of the two values where 1234 and 5678 then the value in the URL would be %5B1234,5678%5D

Standard Filters

  • fbcs_div
  • fbcs_dept
  • fbcs_loc

Custom Filters

  • customFilter_filter1
  • customFilter_filter2
  • customFilter_filter3
  • customFilter_filter4
  • customFilter_filter5
  • customFilter_filter6
  • customFilter_filter7
  • customFilter_filter8
  • customFilter_filter9
  • customFilter_filter10
  • customFilter_filter11
  • customFilter_filter12
  • customFilter_filter13
  • customFilter_filter14
  • customFilter_filter15

Fields Included in the XML file

Customers can include and change the order of fields showing up in this XML file by changing the configuration in Admin Center > Internal and External Career Search Settings.

Important Note: 

  • It has been confirmed by Product Management that objects are not supported in the RCM XML feed. The value will not appear in the XML feed (however the internal ID will) and there will be no label for the department object. It is currently recommended to use OData API to send jobs to third party integrations since this supports objects;
  • Since this feature is deprecated, customers leveraging RMK should not use it and should use either Recruiting Marketing XML feeds or Recruiting Posting for job distribution. 

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