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2428929 - Reclassification of Receivables Run Error: 'Account determination for acct <ABCD> <XYZ> not defined for reclassification'


You are executing a Reclassification Run for Receivables but the run finishes with errors. In the Messages tab, the following message is displayed: 'Account determination for acct <ABCD> <XYZ> not defined for reclassification' (where ABCD stands for the Charts of Account and XYZ for the impacted G/L account).

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open the Receivables Work Centre.
  2. Navigate to the Periodic Tasks View.
  3. Select Reclassification of Receivables.
  4. Search and select the relevant Reclassification Run.
  5. In the Run details you can see that it was finished with errors.
  6. Click on the View button, navigate to the Messages tab.
  7. The following error message is displayed: 'Account determination for acct <ABCD> <XYZ> not defined for reclassification'.
  8. You navigate to the Postings tab and see that G/L accounts UVW and XYZ are used. Both are Receivables G/L accounts.


As indicated by the error message, it is raised because configuration for Reclassification of Receivables is not done properly in Business Configuration Activity: Charts of Accounts, Financial Reporting Structures, Account Determination. Either G/L accounts are missing or incorrect or Reclassification Ranges are not maintained as expected.


  1. Open the Business Configuration Work Centre.
  2. Select the First Implementation View.
  3. Select the relevant Implementation Project, Open the Activity List.
  4. Navigate to the Fine-tune tab, search for the Charts of Accounts, Financial Reporting Structures, Account Determination activity
  5. Navigate to Account Determination and open the Subledger Account Receivables and then the Reclassification tab
  6. There, you can find G/L Accounts UVW and XYZ
  7. You have to make sure that both of them are maintained as Receivables Accounts and Reclassification Accounts with the proper Reclassification Ranges for Debit and Credit for each:
Receivables Account Reclassification Range Reclassification Account
UVW C0012 - Credit Balance, 0 - 12 months XYZ
UVW C1260 - Credit Balance, 12 - 60 months XYZ
UVW C6099 - Credit Balance, 60 - 99 months XYZ
UVW D0012 - Debit Balance, 0 -12 months XYZ
UVW D1260 - Debit Balance, 12 - 60 months XYZ
UVW D6099 - Debit Balance, 60 - 99 months XYZ
XYZ C0012 - Credit Balance, 0 - 12 months UVW
XYZ C1260 - Credit Balance, 12 - 60 months UVW
XYZ C6099 - Credit Balance, 60 - 99 months UVW
XYZ D0012 - Debit Balance, 0 -12 months UVW
XYZ D1260 - Debit Balance, 12 - 60 months UVW
XYZ D6099 - Debit Balance, 60 - 99 months UVW

Once you have maintained the proper Reclassification Ranges, execute your Reclassification of Receivables Run again, the run should now finish without errors.

Note - The above solution is valid for Reclassification of Payables as well.

See Also

For more information on this functionality, please refer to the following Help Documents: Reclassification of Receivables Quick Guide and Reclassification


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