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2429039 - FAQ - Featured Reason in Catalog


Customer would like to know what is Featured reason in Catalog.


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Following the help file for Placing Courses into Featured, New, and Revised Card Categories.  In catalog options: You can type an explanation for why the entry is flagged in Reason. For example, you tell users that a learning item is featured because of a company wide initiative. You cannot localize (translate) Reason.

Per catalog, place courses into categories so that when users browse for them, they see the courses' cards in the browsing categories.

Card categories are a way to expose types of courses to users when they browse their course catalogs. For example, you might want to feature some courses that important at a particular time of year (like accounting courses near tax time) or you might want users to see a category of new courses. You control which courses go into the new, revised, or featured categories with a flag on the course in the catalog. These flags can also control which courses go into the carousel at the top of the browsing screen. By default, featured courses are in the carousel, but you can configure it differently in  System Admin -> Configuration -> System Configuration -> CATALOG .

Users also see the flag and reason on the course information. This helps users understand more fully why you flagged the course.


Steps to set it up:

  1. Go to SAP SuccessFactors Learning administration, and then go to  Learning -> Catalogs.
  2. Go to Items, Curricula, or Programs, depending on what type of learning experience you want to flag.
  3. In Flag, select how you want to flag the catalog item.
    • If you do not select a flag, the course or learning experience is not added to a category. Users find it by browsing for it by topic or by searching for it by keyword.
    • New typically means new to this catalog. Users see it in the course card category for new courses or experiences.
    • Featured means that you want to put it into the featured category. Often, this means that the course is important at a particular time of year or because of a company initiative.
    • Revised means that the course isn't new but that it is updated.
  4. In Until, select the time at which the flag clears.

    For example, if you want to feature a course for two months, you can set its flag to featured and then expire the flag in two months. After two months, the flag clears and the card is removed from the featured card category.

In Reason, type the reason for the flag.

NOTE: Users see the reason next to the flag in the card view. It is not currently translatable.


B1702 : Catalog Updates: Featured reason is included in the detailed view


Users will now be able to see the Featured Reason in the expanded detail view of a course in the catalog, to gain more insight as to why this was highlighted





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