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2429408 - Change Job threshold in SuccessFactors Integration Center


In Integration Center (starting in the release 1702), the Job threshold limit by default, has been set to 25 jobs per day, which in turn increases the CPU performance.

Our engineeering have increased the default limit to 50 jobs per day from the release 1905 onwards.

After the b1905 release, to schedule more than 50 jobs per day, you must report a new case with SAP SuccessFactors Support.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
    • Integration Center

Reproducing the Issue

This issue can be reproducible in the Integration Center with more than 50 concurrent scheduled Jobs.


This threshold was set by SAP to increase CPU performance.


Customers that need more than 50 scheduled Jobs in integration center should open an case in the LOD-SF-INT-INC component with below detail:

  1. What are the total number of employees?
  2. What is the expected increase in the number of daily jobs?
  3. Is there a possibility that they schedule the current daily jobs for a longer frequency (Ex: Weekly)?
  4. How many of these integrations are extracting full data and how many of these will extract delta records?
  5. Give examples of their existing/new use cases of daily runs.
  6. What is the approximate number of records being extracted per scheduled execution of the integration?
  7. Example of the API's/Entities being used to in case of extracting full data.
  8. Please explain shortly what are the business requirements for this increase.
  9. Please share your SF Company ID where you need this. Is this a Production instance or Test/Dev instance?
  10. What is the current threshold limit?
  11. Are you using multiple schedule per day feature for delta integrations?
  12. Approximate time taken by a job to complete in case of full load and delta load?

This parameter should be changed by SAP support team ONLY under Company Settings in our backend system based on the feedback received from our engineering team
(@ SAP Support colleagues, please review the Internal Memo on this KBA for additional instructions).

NOTE: This change has to be approved by the SF Engineering Team. Please note these requests are normally assigned as a "P3 - Medium" priority case.  If there is a more urgent priority required, please provide a detailed 'Business Impact', so support can assess the priority requirement and note all time frames depend on the availability of the Engineering team.



The Integration Center Job Requests Scheduling Threshold can only be increased on a step-by-step basis (i.e. one step at a time).

For example: if your current threshold limit is set to 50, you can only increase it to the next step, which is 75. You won't be able to skip one step, for example increasing it from 50 to 100.

Resource consumption / utilization needs to closely be monitored & understood for each step.

Requests to increase multiple steps will not be considered (steps outlined below).

  • 50 (default)
  • 75
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
  • 300
  • 400
  • 500


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