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2429865 - How to Depreciate a Migrated, Deactivated Fixed Asset With Net Book Value


A Fixed Asset was migrated with a Deactivation Date and a Last Retirement Date. The Fixed Asset does however still have a Net Book Value higher than zero.
As the fixed asset is already retired and deactivated it is not being considered by the depreciation run.

How can the net book value of the fixed asset be set to zero?

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Fixed Assets workcenter navigate to the Fixed Assets view.
  2. In the Show field select All fixed assets and then find the fixed asset with Retired status.
  3. Open the fixed asset Edit - General.
  4. Here, under Planned Values you notice that the retired fixed asset still has a Net Book value higher than zero.
  5. Due to its status the fixed asset is not considered for automatic depreciation.
  6. But the Manual Postings button is greyed out.


Due to the set Deactivation Date it is not possible to manually depreciate or scrap the fixed asset.


In order to execute manual postings on the deactivated fixed asset first remove the Deactivation Date:

  1. Open the Fixed Asset and navigate to the Master Data - Life Cycle Data tab.
  2. Remove the Deactivation Date.
  3. Press Save.
  4. The status of the fixed asset changes from Retired to Capitalized.

A) depreciate the fixed asset, provided no automatic depreciation is maintained.
B) completely scrap the fixed asset.

A) To manually depreciate the fixed asset:

0 Pre-Condition: Ensure that no automatic depreciation is maintained for the fixed asset:

  1. In the Fixed Asset navigate to the Master Data - Asset Valuation tab.
  2. Here, under Current Valuation View Settings, in the Depreciation Method field select 0000 - No automatic depreciation.
  3. Press Save.

Then manually depreciate the fixed asset:

  1. Press Manual Posting and select Manual Depreciation.
  2. In the Depreciation Type field select the respective type, e.g. 1-Depreciation.
  3. In the Relating To field select 1-Current Year, if the acquisition date is maintained in a fiscal year before the current fiscal year.
  4. Maintain the remaininng net amount amount to be deprecated in the Amount field.
  5. Press Post.
  6. The Net Book Value of the fixed asset is now 0,00 LC from the posting date of the manual deprecation.
  7. You can now again maintain the Deactivation date for the fixed asset so its status changes back to Retired.

B) To manually scrap the fixed asset:

0 Also here it is recommended to first set the depreciation method to 0000 - No automatic depreciation so you do not need to automatically depreciate the fixed asset in the respective fiscal years of its Useful life.

  1. Select the fixed asset from the Fixed Assets view and select Manual Postings - Complete Scrapping.
  2. In the posting maintain a Document and Posting Date of your choice.
  3. Press Post.
  4. The fixed asset is now deactivated and retired from the posting date of the Complete Scrapping posting.


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