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2429986 - Jobs and Reports generated on different timezones


  • The Jobs and Reports in Production and Preview environments are being generated in different timezones
  • Some customers reported that their scheduled jobs have been affected, ie. a scheduled job looking for a file on customers SFTP 1 hour earlier than the customers expects
  • Timestamp in the application shows in a different timezone than server location timezone (for example in DC17)
  • Timestamp in the application shows UTC timezone
  • The chart on Usage Analytics is not using the same timezone of the user


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


  • DC12 Preview, DC18 (Production + Preview)and DC62 (Production + Preview) are all on Monsoon.
  • Monsoon is the infrastructure type on which these Data Centers are hosted, all the servers in monsoon will have UTC time zone. This is a technical requirement for Monsoon and cannot be changed. 


  • There will be no changes to the server timezones as this is a requirement from the Monsoon environment side.
  • Customers should not be affected by the server timezone. The in-app timezone will reflect based on the timezone set for each user.
  • System triggered email notifications which includes the system time in the subject line will display in the same timezone as the system - UTC

For Scheduled Jobs:

  • As the Scheduled Jobs are based on the server timezone, please advise the desired run time in your local timezone when setting up the jobs. Support will adapt the run time in UTC to match the desired time for customers

For Usage Analytics Reports:

  • As the date shown on the axle Date of the Usage Analytics is related to the "beginning" of the day and is determined by the database time. Therefore, the Last 24 hours can start at 00:00, 01:00, 05:30 or even 22:00, depending on the time zone of the user that is defined by the time of the browser.

Example: If the user is based on UTC-3, the beginning of the day will be every day at 21h


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