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2430029 - Initiate Onboarding portlet/button missing in candidate's application - Recruiting Management


  • Initiate Onboarding Button is missing in candidate's application
  • Initiate Onboarding portlet is missing in Application

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding


Possible causes:

  1. Onboarding permission is missing in Job Requisition template
  2. The candidate is in a status that is not added as the status with the ability to initiate onboarding (in the feature-permission section in the Job Requisition Template)
  3. The operator with permission doesn't have any values in the (operator)Name, only has in the (operator)Team (Example: recruiterName is empty while the recruiterTeam is the only field with value)
  4. In Setup Onboarding Integration in Admin Center, under the Settings tab, there's a criteria on which job requisitions Onboarding is enabled to
  5. The user doesn't have the permission in RBP to Initiate Onboarding
  6. BizX Onboarding Integration is not enabled in Provisioning.


For Cause 1:

  1. Get the job requisition XML (in provisioning: import/Export Job Req Template → choose the correct req template, or you can do it from Manage Templates feature)
  2. How to choose the correct template if there is multiple template available?
    If you have the test candidate,
    1. Go to Recruiting → Candidates → Search by name
    2. Find Recruiter and Req ID and proxy as the recruiter
    3. Go to Recruiting again
    4. Find the Req id and click on it
    5. Click on the “i” 
    6. From this you can get the job req template name
  1. In the Job requisition XML , search for “onboarding”. Check the feature-permission section:
    <feature-permission type="onboarding">
    <description><![CDATA[R can launch on-boarding emails during statuses with a Hired category  ]]></description>
    <status><![CDATA[Hired]]></status>  --->“Initiate Onboarding” button is available only when the status is at Hired status. If the Status is not 'Hired' then Initiate Onboarding button will not be visible.    </feature-permission>

For Cause 2:

For cause 2, it will be required to either move the candidate to one of the statuses that the permission to initiate onboarding is granted, or to add another feature-permission section in the job requisition template to grant permission to initiate onboarding for that status. That can be done through Manage Templates, and the instructions are here: 2788893 - How to add feature permissions in a job requisition template using Manage Templates - Recruiting Management

For Cause 3:

If the feature is only permissioned for one operator, that is, the operator R (recruiterName and/or recruiterTeam), only this/these operators will be able to initiate the onboarding.

However, if the recruiterName is empty and the recruiterTeam is filled with an operator, the user in recruiterTeam might not be able to initiate the onboarding, and that is because the operatorTeam is dependent of the operatorName. So, to be able to initiate the onboarding, the recruiterName should be filled to validate the recruiterTeam users.

For Cause 4:

In case there is any criteria in the Settings section of Setup Onboarding Integration in Admin Center, the requisition will need to match that criteria in order for the button to show up. For example: insert a country criteria. So, only for job requisitions in the selected country it will be available the Initiate Onboarding button.


For Cause 5:

As per the steps described in the Implementation Guide (SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Implementation Guide: Initiating Onboarding of Candidates), one of the requirements is the user to have the RBP permission to Initiate Onboarding. Without this RBP permissions, they won't be able to see the Initiate Onboarding button.

For Cause 6:

In Provisioning → Company Settings → Enable "BizX Onboarding Integration(requires BizX Onboarding)" under Enable Onboarding Integration

(Reference : Enable Onboarding in Provisioning)

In case all the attempts above do not solve the problem, try to refresh Role Base Permissions. This task is performed from back-end: Provisioning → Company Setting → Refresh RBP Permission Configuration → Refresh

If you do not have an implementation team with Provisioning access, please contact SAP Product Support team

See Also

2788893 - How to add feature permissions in a job requisition template using Manage Templates - Recruiting Management


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