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2431354 - How to calculate the service anniversary (seniority) of an Employee who had break in service


If an employee was terminated and rehired the service time should be calculated.

If an employee has repeatedly been employed at one company, you can sum up all previous employments excluding the current employment.


Calculation: function 'Get Work History Days PREVIOUS'

The function sums up the valid days of all Job Info entries before the latest terminated entry where:

•        Employee is active and employee class is not excluded

•        Employee is not active and event is not termination


•        Use only with Employee Central.

•        Use an onView event as the work history in days has the character of transient data and not of a persistent value.



If you want to calculate the work history in days using all Get Work History functions; the result is displayed in the readable format of years/months/days in custom fields.

This is an example of a rule:




The result of the calculation is displayed on these custom fields, which you can create using the Business Configuration UI:




These fields are part of Job Information (jobInfo HRIS element). At the top, you can see the custom fields; at the bottom you can see the onView event that triggers the rule. For each work history calculation result, one custom field (of type "double") is filled with the result in days of the corresponding function. As this result is not readable when it is a high number (for example, 1245 days), then you have to create one custom field (of type "string"), which is filled with the days reformatted into years/months/days using the Convert Days Into YY/MM/DD function. Those fields are set to "visible", whereas the double fields are kept invisible.


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