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2432747 - My Groups - Dynamic Groups - How to configure if Employee Central is enabled


How do I add more filters to the Dynamic Groups v2 feature when Employee Central is enabled in the instance?


Employee Central

Reproducing the Issue

I cannot find the "element-permission" block in the Succession Data Model xml


The "element-permission" blocks for Employee Profile are not included in the current versions of the Employee Central Master Data Model xml's because you must use Role-Based Permissions to permission all Data Model elements when EC is enabled. Most customers who go live with Employee Central first will not have this block in the Succession Data Model (older customers might have, as it would be there prior to having to have moved to RBP instead of the Legacy Permissions).


Dynamic Groups (Options > Groups) is not supported by Employee Central, so therefore it is not possible to add Employee Central fields to its configuration. Other modules however do still support it. Only "standard-element" fields can be added (standard-elements)

If you are intending to use Dynamic Groups for other modules/features where it is supported, you will need to add the "element-permission" block to the Succession Data Model xml.

Typically you would see this instead -:

    To enable keyword search on data elements, make sure that read permissions are enabled for all roles.

This is where the "element-permission" block should go and you can safely replace this "REM" statement with the "element-permission" configuration. For example -:

   <element-permission type="read">
   <description>Allow everyone to read non-sensitive data</description>
   <standard-element-ref refid="department"/>
   <standard-element-ref refid="jobCode"/>
   <standard-element-ref refid="hireDate"/>

If you cannot find the "REM" statement mentioned above, then add it immediately above the <dg-filters> block (but not any further up), which every Employee Central customer will have.



Q) Will enabling the "element-permission" block grant permissions to these fields for all users in the instance?
A) As an Employee Central instance must have RBP enabled, the above "element-permission" block will not expose the standard-element fields to end users or anything of the sort. But, the end users will be able to use these fields as filters to create their "Dynamic Groups" filter list.

Q) Can I add the "element-permission" block myself?
A) If you are a Partner with access to Provisioning and the Succession Data Model xml, then yes. If you are a Customer, then you will not and Product Support can help adding the configuration to your data models.


For further information on Dynamic Groups, please refer to article 2088248 - "My Groups - Dynamic Groups - Platform"

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