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2433283 - Behavior of Copied Job requisition / Duplicate Job Requisition - Recruiting Management


What is the behaviour of copying or duplicating a Job requisition?


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


When a requisition is copied, data from all fields will copy (apart from the standard position field).
There is no way to configure or select which fields will copy.

  • The copied data includes the requisition operator field data (this will "overwrite" the setup done in Manage Recruiting Team Settings and the group. The opeartor on the source requisitions are copied).
  • There is no way to automatic approve a copied job requisition, it has to go through the route map and approval process.
  • The operator user on the source requisition can access the copied requisition.
  • If the originator changes the operators before sending the requisition to the next step, then the operator users on the source requisition do not have access to the copied requisition.
  1. The applicant list on the requisition will not be copied.
  2. The audit trail on the requisition will not be copied.
  3. The attachments in attachment/multiattachment field will not be copied.
  4. It is possible to copy a requisition even if it was created using a different template. This can result in a copied requisition having some blank fields, if those fields did not exist on the source requisition.
  5. When copying a job requisition, it is expected that after you click 'Copy Selected', the screen will not redirect to the detail's page of the newly created job requisition. You will need to navigate here manually via the job requisition listings page.
  6. When searching for the job requisition to be used as reference for the copy, there is no way to customize/change the fields that are provided as search criteria.
  7. When you duplicated a Job Requisition the Job Requisition title will add a 1 to indicate the requisition has been copied. If you make a copy of the copied requisition it will appear as the "title 1 1". If you want to remove the 1 from the title you can update the internal and external title of the job requisition. 

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