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2433853 - Using the geo maps / geo enrichment features (geospatial analysis / location data) with SAP Analytics Cloud


  • How can you enable the usage of a geo map and location dimension for geospatial analysis with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?
  • How to use the geo maps / geo enrichment features (geospatial analysis / location data) of SAP Analytics Cloud?
  • For SAP HANA Live models, See 2395407 - Spatial Delivery Units for SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • How to add a location dimension to an existing dimension for geographical (geo) mapping?



  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise)


The geospatial (geo enrichment / geo coding / mapping / GIS) analysis features of SAC can be enabled as follows:

  1. Main Menu >> Create >> Model >> Import a file from your computer.
  • Prerequisites require that your file include latitude / longitude coordinates or region data (area name).
  • Note: When adding Area Name Geo Enrichment to models, you can now use country, region and subregion data to create location dimensions for country/regions besides the United States.
  • The country/region data can be provided as ISO3 and ISO2 codes, or the country/region names in English.


  1. Main Menu >> Create >> Model >> Get data from a data source >> Live Data connection.


See the following SAP Analytics Cloud help pages and resources for further information:

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