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2438500 - Variable Pay - Explanation of the different Business Rules we can define in an EC integrated VRP template


For a Variable Pay template integrated with Employee Central we can define business rules for:

  • Manager’s form eligibility (same as in Compensation)
  • Bonus Plans
  • Employee History (Global Eligibility and History Records)


SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay


Manager's Form Eligibility Rules

The behavior for rules that apply to form creation (Manager form rules) is the same as for Compensation. By default all employees are eligible. We can change this behavior in Plan Setup > Settings > Starting Point for Manager Form Eligibility.

EC Global Eligibility Rule and Eligibility Rule for Employee History records

EC Global Eligibility Rule and Eligibility Rule for Employee History records are used during the EC Employee History Import to exclude employees.

Global Eligibility Rule requires an effective date, and the system will get effective EC history records with that date and evaluate them. A sample case for using this option would be if the client’s Variable Pay program contained a global rule specifying eligibility only for Active employees on January 1st. If a global eligibility rule is created for status equal to active, and the effective date is set to January 1st, only employees active as of this date will be selected for further eligibility processing. If a record doesn't meet the global rule, all his history records will be filtered out. If that effective record meets the global rule, the system will then evaluate his/her EC history records with the Eligibility Rule for Employee History records one by one. If EC history record meets that second rule, it will be inserted into varpay history data table, otherwise it will be filtered out.

Bonus Plans Eligibility Rules

These rules will define which employees from the Employee History are eligible for the different Bonus Plans we have defined in our program.

For Rules applying to Employee History and Bonus Plan Eligibility the rules need to be defined to include employees as by default all employees are ineligible. If our template wasn’t EC-Integrated before and we have legacy eligibility rules we can migrate these rules to MDF in Plan Setup > Settings > Use MDF Engine for Bonus Plan Eligibility > Migrate. This process is described in KBA 2203462.


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