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2439372 - Rating description not displayed on the compensation form.


For some employees or all employees in the compensation form  PM rating is displayed as number instead of text.

Example :  A user have a rating as 3.1, there is a relavant text/description for the rating in the rating scale.



Reference : 2084806 - Rating Sources - Compensation

Rating source is set up in the compensation & ating scale is also configured as defined in the above KBA.







When we pull PM rating from PM form, we will use scale ID which defined in PM template instead of Comp template. However, if we configure scale adjusted calculation in PM template, we will try to match its rating description. If it is not matched, we will always display its numeric rating. 

In this case, users' PM rating are range from 1-5, it doesn't match some of the scale values which defined in <scale-adjusted-calculation> in PM template. So if you want to display PM Rating as Text or Number-Text in comp form, please delete it from PM form template if it is not necessary, or update adjusted scale calculation to make sure it can match user's rating range.

Example, PM Rating is 3.1, it doesn't match any of below mapto-score values, so we will display its numeric value as its PM Rating in comp form.

Example code in PM template:

      <scale-id><![CDATA[PM Rating Scale with Promotion]]></scale-id>
      <scale-adjusted-calculation enable="true"  display-calculated-rating="true">
          <mapto-desc><![CDATA[FAILS TO MEET EXPECTATIONS]]></mapto-desc>
          <mapto-desc><![CDATA[NEEDS IMPROVEMENT]]></mapto-desc>
          <mapto-desc><![CDATA[MEETS EXPECTATIONS]]></mapto-desc>
          <mapto-desc><![CDATA[EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS]]></mapto-desc>


1. Remove adjusted scale in the related PM template.
2. Modify the adjusted scale like below

 Example: add mapto-score for 3.1, 4.1 & 5.1

< mapto-desc><![CDATA[Meets Expectations + Promotion]]></mapto-desc>




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