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2448704 - Reset user password error message


  • Unable to access Reset Password feature;
  • I am not able to access Reset Password page;


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Access Reset user password in Admin Center;
  2. The screen is not accessible. Instead the screen just displays the footer : "Copyright © 2017 SuccessFactors, Inc. All rights reserved. These online services are SuccessFactors confidential and proprietary and for use by authorised SuccessFactors customers only."


  • Server log error (visible only by support):
    ServletException including com.successfactors.legacy.ui.fb.FBAdmin, root cause:
    java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method com.sf.sfv4.bean.succession.SuccessionDataModelBean$StandardElement.getPicklistId() of a null object returned from com.sf.sfv4.bean.succession.SuccessionDataModelBean.lookupStandardElementById(java.lang.String)
    at com.successfactors.legacy.ui.servlet.FuncBlockFindUsers.getCustomLabelMap(
    at org.apache.jsp.ui.systemprop.pages.funcblock_005fpassword_005freset_jsp._jspService(

  • There is a mismatch between elements defined as custom-filters in the data model, and the actual elements which have been declared.


  • Resolution steps below are for Partners and or Support Staff only.
  1. Download the instance Data Model (Partners or support only) from provisioning;
  2. Search for the section titled "custom-filters";
  3. For each element listed there, ensure there is a matching declaration in the related section of teh data model;
  4. If there is a mismatch, declare the missing elements, or remove the reference from the custom-filters section;
  • Example:
    • custom-filters section references 4 standard elements: custom01, custom05, custom06, and custom09
      <filter-module id="default">
      <standard-element-ref refid="custom01"/>
      <standard-element-ref refid="custom05"/>
      <standard-element-ref refid="custom06"/>
      <standard-element-ref refid="custom09"/>

    • Reviewing the data model for each of these elements, we can only find 3 declared:
      <standard-element id="custom05" max-length="255" required="false" matrix-filter="false">
      <standard-element id="custom06" max-length="255" required="false" matrix-filter="false">
      <standard-element id="custom09" max-length="255" required="false" matrix-filter="false">

    • We therefore resolve the situation by doing following one of the below solutions
      • Removing the reference to the invalid standard element from the custom-filters section:
        <filter-module id="default">
        <standard-element-ref refid="custom05"/>
        <standard-element-ref refid="custom06"/>
        <standard-element-ref refid="custom09"/>

      • Declaring the missing element in the appropriate section of the data model. 

        <standard-element id="custom01" max-length="255" required="false" matrix-filter="false">


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