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2450871 - Instance Sync: Synchronizing Permission Roles Error Message: "The following object definition do not exist on target: CurrencyConversionRate, CurrencyConversionType"


When performing an Instance Sync for Permissions block, you encounter the following error -:

"The following object definition do not exist on target: CurrencyConversionRate, CurrencyConversionType"


  • Employee Central 2.0
  • Metadata Framework
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Instance Synchronization


The two objects are available in the Source instance, but not in the Target instance. As both objects are RBP secured on deployment of these objects, this blocked the Instance Sync, resulting in the error "The following object definition do not exist on target". The objects are -:

  • CurrencyConversionType
  • CurrencyConversionRate

The two MDF objects are in fact not used by the application, and they should not be enabled in the Source instance. If they are deployed it is because someone had (at some stage in the past) enabled the following 2 features in Provisioning (which should not be enabled as they are not ready for Sales/Production) -:

  • Phased Migration from EC V2 to MDF (Use this switch for testing only) [Not Ready for Sales/Production] — requires “Employee Central V2 (i.e., Event Reason Derivation)”, “Enable Generic Objects”, “Effective Dated Data Platform”, “Employee Profile data audit” and “Enable the Attachment Manager”
  • EC2MDF Full Scope (do not activate together with "Phased Migration from EC V2 to MDF") [Not Ready for Sales/Production] Standard MDF object for the exchange rates for EC would be CurrencyExchangeRate (screen sharing: many exchange rates)

As per the note on each of these switches "Not Ready for Sales/Production" therefore they should not be enabled in a Customer system


The solution is to delete these two MDF objects from the instance, as they should not be deployed in any instance. They should not be used and should not have been deployed to your instance - this is resulting in the Configuration Issue that causes the error when performing Instance Sync. To delete the 2 objects -:

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Configure Object Definitions
  2. Search for each definition and Take Action > Make Correction > Permenantly Delete Entry  (make sure you delete the objects in the following order)
    1. CurrencyConversionType
    2. CurrencyConversionRate

NOTE: If you delete CurrencyConversionRate" object first you will encounter the following error:  CurrencyConversionType.toCurrencyConversionRate association(s) refers to CurrencyConversionRate, please delete the reference(s).


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