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2451930 - Resolve an E-Verify Case with Duplicate Status [BasicPilot] - Onboarding 1.0


  • Cannot close an E-verify activity as it shows "duplicate case"
  • A panel shows up with message like "We are having trouble retrieving the list of Duplicate Cases from DHS E-verify service. The DHS E-Verify Service may be unavailable. "
  • Duplicate case with DRAFT status
  • Duplicate case with CLOSED status
  • Duplicate case with PHOTO_MATCH status
  • Duplicate case with FINAL_NONCONFIRMATION status

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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0


  • Have another E-verify activity closed with Employment Authorized.
  • System save the case as a draft and now it shows as duplicated
  • E‑Verify was experiencing intermittent system outages and the case created in DHS is not updated to E-verify activity in ONB
  • System Outage (web service issue)


If the panel below shows up, that means DHS (department of homeland security) Everify Service is experiencing intermittent system outages and not able to respond to requests from Onboarding application.

Please understand that SAP can’t control how Everify service is working, because it’s government service.

So please kindly wait and try again later.

dup panel.png

Scenario 1: Satus DRAFT

Please click on the “Close Case” button that is available below the Status.

After closing a draft case it will appear as a duplicate and a comment needs to be added to proceed.

It can be a “technical issue” comment.

Scenario 2: Status CLOSED/Employment Authorized

Maybe you already have a case closed with 'Employment Authorized' or due to an outage of E-Verify system, ONB didn’t get an update and now it shows as a duplicate case.

Please put a comment based on the real reason.

If it is due to outage, please put a “technical issue” comment and submit the case one more time.

Scenario 3: Status PHOTO_MATCH (not draft or closed)

If a case got created and received any other status during an outage, e.g. PHOTO MATCH, then support engineer needs to update the case number to HRData of existing E-Verify.

Please kindly raise a ticket and tell us the name of impacted candidate and the case number shown on the duplicate case panel.

Support engineers will check the data from DHS and HRData.

If consistent, case number from DHS will be updated to key 'BasicPilotCaseNbr' in HRData.

Then customer need to click on 'View at glance' and 'Refresh data from E-Verify'.

And it should work as usual.


For this scenarios try to use the View At Glance feature, refreshing latest data with DHS.


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