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2453948 - Information Required for Financials


The following points should be gathered in order to process issues efficiently and bring a case to an early conclusion.
Note that this list presents guidelines and is not exhaustive. Probing questions are to be applied and adapted depending on the context of a reported problem.

In order to swiftly analyze a reported issue we need a reproducible instance of the problem.
This requires:

  • Sufficient description of applied business-process
  • Is this a new occurrence or was this experienced before. If Yes - are there previous Support-Incidents we can refer to.
  • Specify affected documents, runs, selection criteria etc.
  • Where conducive, illustrate the situation with screenshots
  • Clearly state the expected result vs. the observed actual result
  • Ideally demonstrate by focusing on a single example representing an issue
  • If possible - substantiate the expectation referring to pertinent settings and definitions
  • Permission to execute actions including possible data-change at Support-side where applicable
  • Concerning fiscal periods should be open for posting (open period/valid process control entry) if applicable


Valuation Runs (e.g. Depreciation Run, Revenue Recognition Run, Foreign Currency Remeasurement Run)

  • Illustrate pertinent selection criteria for a run including: Company, Run ID, Dates, Set of Books, Run-mode (Update/Test)
  • Describe the problem using assorted instances (e.g. Fixed Assets, Sales Documents, Projects, Bank Accounts)
  • Explain expectations based on underlying definitions and methods (e.g. Depreciation Methods, Valuation Views, Accrual Methods, Exchange Rates)
  • Did previous runs show similar results
  • Permission to perform valuation-runs in test-mode/update mode/update

Processing of Inbound Files (e.g. Bank Statements, Bank Advice)

  • Provision of affected file
  • Identification of Company, Bank ID, Bank Account ID
  • File format description
  • Have previous files been successfully processed for similar settings
  • Refer to applied settings in Business Configuration and Master Data
  • Permission to execute the file-upload and/or processing from Support-side

Inconsistent Results in Financial Reports

  • Specify exact selection criteria for running the report
  • Break-down observed wrong results into categories exemplifying the issue (e.g. G/L Account, Financial Period, Sales Document Item, Project Task)
  • Illustrate expected result based relevant attributes (e.g. Posting Date, Tax-Due-Date, Document Type)
  • Consistency of previous reports using similar selection criteria 


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