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2455548 - Information Required for PSM Release Requests for SAP Business ByDesign


If you need to access business content in SAP Business ByDesign that has not been released for consumption through the Public Solution Model (PSM), you can request SAP to release this business content.

Depending on your use case, different parts of the PSM are relevant, for example:

• ByD Add-ons using SAP Cloud Applications Studio (relevant for Partners) require, for example, public read or write access to business object components, business configuration entities, UI (User Interface) components (to enhance standard screens), and web services/interfaces (for custom communication arrangements or to add extension fields to web services or interfaces). For some requirements use case specific Exits might be required as well.

• Custom OData services (relevant for Key Users and Partners) require for example public read or write access to business object components, such as business object nodes, elements, associations, actions, action parameter, queries and query selection parameter. Additionally, business object elements need to be prepared for OData consumption.

• Custom Communication Scenarios (relevant for Key Users) require releasing the web service APIs (interface operations) that shall be included in the communication scenario.

• Key User Extensibility of Web Service APIs (relevant for Key Users) require releasing the corresponding web service API (interface operations) and to externally expose the web service extension point.

• Deep linking/External Object-based Navigation and Mashups (relevant for Key Users and Partners) require UI stable anchors including imports/outports and UI port bindings.


  • SAP Cloud Applications Studio
  • SAP Business ByDesign


When you plan a ByD Add-on or integration project using OData APIs, it is essential to understand and review the released ByD content and to identify gaps early in your project. If needed, you can ask SAP to enhance the ByD Public Solution Model by creating a ByD incident with following information:

  1. Create an case in the SAP cloud solution and use the prefix PSM. (For information on how to create an case, see here). Title with prefix “[PSM Request]” and the business object or UI screen name, for example “[PSM Request] Business Object Customer” or “[PSM Request] for Customer Accounts”
  2. Describe the use case of your solution and what you are trying to achieve (that is, what is the purpose of your development/solution?). This information gives SAP the possibility to evaluate which PSM enhancement in detail is required.
  3. Describe the required business content/entities to be released in PSM, and why you need them. Be as precise as you can.
  4. If you require, for example, write access to a business content such as the fields of a business object element from a UI, provide a screenshot of that UI and highlight the elements that need to be enabled for read-access or for write-access.
  5. Add your contact information - that is, e-mail address and telephone number - so that SAP can easily get back to you in case of questions.

Based on your information, SAP evaluates if your PSM request is feasible and which entities must be included in the PSM in detail to serve your use case. One key question is always if SAP can ensure compatibility for the requested enhancement. In some cases, a refactoring might be required upfront to be able to ensure compatibility.

After we receive your PSM release request, it will take some time to evaluate your request from our side. In general, we will allow read access to PSM business objects requested as soon as relevant information is submitted via incident as described.
If the requested business content could be released, it usually will be released in the future Hotfix/Upgrade according to the development and testing time.

In the case of future release planning, SAP will ask you to submit your PSM request as an Improvement Request (IR) in the ByD Customer Influence Session ( Please create the IR with the same information as provided in the ByD incident and refer to the evaluation result provided by SAP in the ByD incident response.

Also, your request might get rejected because the change/access from PDI (Partner Development Infrastructure) to requested business content is not allowed.

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