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2456944 - Half Day Option is Not Available for Time Types With Unit Hours


For a time type with unit set as hours, the options for "Permitted Fractions for Unit Hours" are:

1. Only full day bookings allowed
2. Full hour bookings allowed
3. Allow requesting in hours and minutes.

The requirement is to have an option that will automatically show half of user's scheduled hours, based on their work schedule.


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Reproducing the Issue


System is proposing 7:36 based on wokring hours, and it’s not straight forward for someone to know what is the half of this, they would need to enter 3:48, which is not ideal.


Unfortunately, there is currently no configuration available only to allow half or full day absences with a time type in hours.



You are only able to request that quantity with option "Allow requesting in hours and minutes".

With a take rule you can make sure that only half day or full day absences are allowed.

IF quantity in days < 1 and quantity in days not equal to 0.5 THEN
Raise error message..

It could be useful if the error message then contains the hours and minutes value that is allowed.


- With rule function "Get working time in hours" we got the (decimal) working hours value on that day (=7,6).
- With the "divide" rule function we got the half day (decimal) working hours (= 3.8).
- With the "round" rule function we get the hours value (= 3 hours)
- With the "minus" (working hours minus rounded hours value) and "multiply" rule functions we got the minutes value:  3.8 minus 3 = 0.8 * 60 minutes = 48 minutes.

It is currently not confirmed on the road map, to add the half day setting for unit hours. However, please do log an enhancement request for this, and it may be considered for a future release.


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