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2457852 - Determination of Invoicing Unit in an Invoice which is Based on a Preceding Document


You notice that the Invoicing Unit in an invoice based on a preceding document such as a sales order is always automatically determined from the Seller party. You would like to know how you can change the determination of the Invoicing Unit.

Reproducing the Issue

This can be reproduced with an invoice based on any preceding document. In our example we will use a sales order as preceding document:

  1. Go to the Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Select the Invoice Requests view.
  3. Select invoice request XYZ (XYZ represents the ID of the invoice request).
  4. Click on the Invoice button.
  5. You can see that the Invoicing Unit and the Seller party are same.


If an invoice request is based on a preceding document such as the sales order and you want to determine an Invoicing Unit which is not the Seller party, the Invoicing Unit needs to exist in the sales order. This can be done by activating the Invoicing Unit in the Involved Parties for Sales Orders and then maintain a determination rule to ensure the respective Invoicing Unit will be determined in the sales order.

In absence of the Invoicing Unit in sales order, the system will determine the Seller as Invoicing Unit.


You can activate the Invoicing Unit in the Involved Parties for Sales Orders as follows:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Select your implementation project.
  4. Click on the Open Activity List button.
  5. Go to the Fine – Tune step.
  6. Show All Activities.
  7. Select the fine tuning activity Involved Parties for Sales Orders.
  8. Click on the Add to Project button if the activity is not already added to your project.
  9. Activate the party role Invoicing Unit.
  10. Click on the Maintain Determinations button.

You can activate the required determination steps.


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