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2461505 - Time Off clears jobinformation


When Employee applies for a Leave of Absence, his/her job information data, effective from the Leave of Absence date gets cleared.



Employee Central

Time Off

Position Management

Reproducing the Issue

Apply Leave of absence for a user.

LOA for sync test.png

Go to Employee's Profile and verify that the Organization, position, job and time informations are deleted.

Job Info cleared.png


Under Position Management Settings admin tool, the Leave Of Absence 'unassign from position' and 'right to return' rules are assigned.

Position to Job information and job information to position synchronization as well as the position onChange propagation rules were missing the check that make sure that these rules trigger only when employee is assigned to a position - " if position is not equal to null".



The root cause of this issue is due to use of Right to Return on position when on Leave of Absence feature, and the position to job information sync/propagation rules doesn't have an if condition as a criterion to check whether position is assigned to employee.

You can check whether 'Right to Return' feature is enabled for Leave of absence, by going to 'Position Management Settings' Admin tool. Click on Right to Return Tab.

If Under Right to Return for Leave of Absence two business rules are attached, then the Right to Return feature is enabled.


 Now click on Synchornisation Tab and under the "Rule for Synchronising..." make sure the sync business rules have a if condition / criteria.

POS sync.png

The issue of Job information getting cleared on applying Leave of Absence will happen if the sync rules or Job Information-> Position field onChange rule has if condition set as "Always True" (as shown in the below screenshot).

always true.png


To avoid this job information getting cleared, please add condition If JobInformaiton.Position is not equal to Null. So that this rule will trigger only when a position is assigned to the employee and now when the employee is getting unassigned from position.


If condition.png



job information clears on applying leave
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