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2470685 - How to Import Custom Instructor Reports


  • Learning Admins can now replace system Instructor reports with custom reports
  • Learning Admins can import and view Instructor reports in the LMS Admin


  • The reports must be the same format (PDF, CSV, HTML) as the system report
  • The reports must have the same .rptdesign name as the system report
    • -OR- be renamed to the same name during import
  • LMS Admins cannot run Instructor reports, only import and view them

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Important Notes:

  • Only system instructor reports can be replaced with custom instructor reports:
    • While other reports can be imported with target as Instructor, they will not be runnable in the LMS unless they are set up to replace an existing Instructor report
    • If an Admin or User should be able to run the report, the target should be set to Admin or User and not Instructor
  • Uploading custom reports set to Instructor target that are not renamed to the same as the system Instructor reports will not be accessible by Instructors:
    • They can only be viewed and imported by Admins until renamed
    • Instructor reports have hard coded links to the report name in the LMS (such as View Roster in My Classes), so the custom report name and format have to be the same as the System report


Required Permissions:

  • System Administration > Security > Role Management > Instructor Role > Permissions > "Print Roster" and "Add to Learning History"
  • System Administration > Security > Role Management > Admin Role > Permissions >  for “View Instructor Print Roster Report”

Searching Instructor Reports from Admin side

  1. Logon as an admin and navigate to Reports
  2. Under the search section make sure "Instructor" is checked
  3. Now, when you search you should be able to find the instructor reports in the system:

    1. Reports_1.jpg

Importing Instructor Reports from Admin side

Requirements for replacing system instructor reports:

  • The new report name must be identical to the standard report to overwrite/replace it:
    • Same file name & same destination format (PDF, CSV, HTML)
    • If the report has a different name, click Rename to change the report's name during report Import
    • Example, to replace View Roster, the Report file name must be UserSignInSheet.rptdesign (this is the report contained within the .zip that's being imported) OR renamed to UserSignInSheet during Import
  • The System Instructor report must be unpublished and the custom report published in order for the custom report to take its place

Steps to Import and Replace the System Instructor Reports:

  1. Logon as an admin and navigate to Reports
  2. Choose to Import button
  3. Import the custom report .zip file
  4. If the .rptdesign is not already named to the system report name (such as UserSignInSheet for View Roster), click "Rename" link to rename
  5. 'Target Users' will automatically be set to 'Instructors' once renamed to the same name as the system Instructor report name
  6. Remember: Unpublish the System version of the report and publish the custom report


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