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2472278 - Payment Information: Bank field value now reportable via Advanced Reporting


With the Bank as a persistent field, analytics can now access any Bank attribute available in the Bank object. (e.g. Bank name).

When running an Advanced Report (ORD) the report now returns a value for the column Bank (from the PaymentInformationDetailV3 object). The Bank is identified by the combination of the values Bank Country, the Routing Number and the BIC.


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Before 1705 there was no posibility to report on the Bank field as it was a transient field ( the value was not stored in the DataBase).


In 1705 the Bank value is persisted in the Database so it can be used in Analytics. The Bank value is created initially using a migration script, which uses the Routing Number initially to default the newly created field.

Q) What report can I run to view this data?
A) You will need to create your own report in the ODS Advanced reporting tool, using the Online Report Designer (ORD)

Q) Can this data be reported on via Ad Hoc reports?
A) No. Ad Hoc reports do not offer the option to report on MDF data

Q) Am I just able to report on the Bank ID or other information about the Bank?
A) With the Bank as persistent field, analytics can now access any Bank attribute available in the Bank object. (e.g. Bank name).

Q) Where do I configure the visibility of this field?
A) In order to see the Bank field technical information, navigate to Admin Center --> Configure Object Definition --> Object Definition --> Payment Information Detail (PaymentInformationDetailV3) --> Field = Bank

Q) Where do I find the Payment Information data?
A) To see the Bank value of an entry, navigate to Admin Center --> Manage Data --> Payment Information--> Details --> Bank


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