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2472648 - Using the Check Tool to check SuccessFactors configuration


  • What is the SuccessFactors Check Tool?
  • Changes to the Check Tool per release
  • Area in Check Tool
  • Quick Fix is not available for the Check Tool

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SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


What is the Check Tool?

Sometimes, you might find the system doesn’t work as expected. There can be different reasons for this, such as:

  • Some data is inconsistent.
  • The system is not configured correctly.

With the check tool, you can identify what's wrong, rather than simply creating a support case. The check tool:

  • Finds out what is wrong and how bad the problem is.
  • Suggests a solution. 


Metadata Framework (MDF) must be enabled to use the Check Tool. If it is not enabled yet, contact your Implementation Partner for assistance.

The required features are:

  • Enable Generic Objects
  • Enable the Attachment Manager

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites:

You have the following Administrator Check Tool permissions:

  • Access Check Tool
  • Allow Configuration Export
  • Allow Check Tool Quick Fix

Enabling the Check Tool

Once the prerequisites are met, grant permission to the tool by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles
  2. Select the role you wish to grant this permission (note - this is a tool for Super Admins only)
  3. Click the "Permissions..." button and then navigate to the very bottom of the left panel and select Check Tool
  4. Tick the "Access Check Tool" option in the right panel (you should ideally grant the "Allow Configuration Export" "Allow Check Tool Quick Fix"
    option too as it will help export the configuration should you need to open a Support case).
  5. Click Done
  6. Click Save Changes

Login to instance -> Go to Check Tool from action search

The checks are now grouped on tabs according to the check type they belong to. Each check type follows a specific purpose:

  1. System Health: Checks that run periodically in the system and that require no input parameters. Additional information on a check is displayed on the right side of the page when you click on a check.

There's an initial run of the new checks at the beginning of a new release, and the checks run once a month or more often automatically.

Predefined selection criteria provide you an overview of the issues you need to work on for checks on the System Health and Migration tab, to provide you a kind of worklist.

*New filter "Area" will be available since 2H2023 release (Additional Filter in Check Tool UI | SAP Help Portal):

  1. Validation: Checks that need one or more input parameters to run. For validation checks, it requires input parameters to be run and thus need to be triggered manually.

For example, a specific template, user, or time frame.



  1. Migration: Checks the migrate features. You can select the Application from the drop down list and check the executed checks.


You can access the legacy check tool UI from the new check tool UI by clicking on Use legacy check tool UI.

Example for Application= Employee Central Core

  1. Open Check Tool
  2. Select example: Application 'EC Core'
  3. Tick "title"
  4. Check Parameters : Pay Component: base salary /

For Start Date type: 01011900  // Start Date:  select run day from calendar


  1. Run
  2. review result and solved all issue


There's an initial run of new checks at the beginning of a new release (only for checks that require no input parameters). We recommend that you open the check tool after the upgrade weekend to check for any new errors or warnings.

Predefined selection criteria provide you an overview of the issues you need to work on for checks on the System Health and Migration tab, to provide you a kind of worklist. This isn’t true for validation checks, as these require input parameters to be run and thus need to be triggered manually.

More information can be found in the SAP Help Portal guide Check Tool Handbook

With 1H 2024 release, below items have been added into Check Tool:

  • You can use this feature to export configuration information from the Check Tool. Here's where you can find the feature on the UI:
  • Restriction Export of configuration information is supported only in the following applications: Payroll Information, Position Management, Time Off, Time Sheet. [ Reference -  Exporting Configuration Information | SAP Help Portal]

  • You can find the specific check in the check tool by selecting Person Identifier as the application name and Person UUID as the area name to check whether there are empty or duplicate UUIDs in the system,and generate correct ones if needed to maintain data accuracy.

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