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2474537 - Custom notifications: How are Syntax tags, Notification templates and Syntax objects are associated with each other


How are Syntax tags, Notification templates and Syntax objects are associated with each other? There are many syntax tags and syntax objects but to edit the notifications we need to understand how these work individually and we can work with them.


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To work with SAP SuccessFactors Learning, you need to understand the relationship among its primary components.

When you work with notifications, you have three components to consider: the notification template, the syntax object, and the syntax tags. Most of your work is to understand how the components are related to one another. SAP SuccessFactors Learning, exposes the relationships in the administration environment, but not the purpose of each component and how they work together.

  • Syntax tags provide dynamic data, like a mail merge. For example, for each learning plan notification that the system sends, it dynamically includes the users' first name for the <FIRST_NAME/> syntax tag placeholder.

  • Syntax objects define how those placeholders work and what translated text the notification system should use. For example, the learning plan syntax object defines what readers should see in the subject line, in the body of the e-mail, and how the message should iterate over a list of added, modified, and removed plans. Importantly, it also identifies the label IDs so that users can read the notification in their own language.

  • Notification Templates wrap syntax objects and provide the hook to the triggering event and provide attachments. For example, the Learning Plan Notification automatic process triggers the ApmStudentLearningPlanNotification template.

  1. When the Learning Plan Notification automatic process runs, it triggers the notification template ApmStudentLearningPlanNotification. If there are attachments associated with this notification template in  System Admin  Configuration  Notification Templates  ApmStudentLearningPlanNotification  Attachments, the notification system will attach them to the e-mail.

  2. The notification system looks up the syntax object associated with ApmStudentLearningPlanNotification and finds the syntax object APM_STUDENT_LEARNING_PLAN_NOTIFICATION.

  3. From APM_STUDENT_LEARNING_PLAN_NOTIFICATION, the notification system obtains the rules and format of the message. For example, APM_STUDENT_LEARNING_PLAN_NOTIFICATION loops over added, modified, and deleted assignments to create three list categories. It also uses the label IDnotification.ApmStudentLearningPlanNotification.MessageText1, which resolves to text in the users' native languages.

  4. Each syntax tag, like <REVISION_DATE_DELETED/>, pulls in the instance text for the user. For example, for each learning item that is deleted, <REVISION_DATE_DELETED/> pulls in the revision date of the deleted learning item.


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