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How to implement a separate data model for Contingent Workers and Employees.
This means you’ll be able to customize the UI of the Add Contingent Workers wizard and Employee files so that only fields relevant for Contingent Workers will appear.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


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  • Contingent Workforce


Please note that the new data model for Contingent Workers won’t be available in the area of imports/API.

Separate Data Models for Contingent Workers can be configured for the following elements:

Person Elements

  • Email Information 
  • Personal Information
  • Biographical Information (Person Information)
  • Phone Information
  • Address Information
  • National ID Information (from b1808)

Employment Elements

  • Job Information - For further detail on addition configuration for Job Information, please see the following KBA: 2766955 - Manage Business Configuration: Constraints configured within Person Type 'Employee' in Job Information are not considered in the UI

*There are some other portlets that can be enabled for Contingent Worker and for other person types which are described in the table on guide.


Please make sure to thoroughly read the Best Practices first, before moving on to configuring any new UI's. Also please ensure you read the FAQ section to answer any common questions you may have around this functionality.



Best Practice

It is a system recommendation that ANY field that is set as mandatory yes in the parent (base) element, like personInfo element or personalInfo element, must be the same as the parent element.
If a field is set as Manadatory/Required on the parent UI, this field should also be required on the Contingent Worker Specific UI.
If a field is set as Enabled on the parent UI, this field should also be enabled on the Contingent Worker Specific UI. Please do not add fields only to the Contingent Worker UI and not to the base element, this is not supported and can break your configuration.

For the portlets which support Contingent Worker UIs, we recommend the following implementation as a Best Practice:
The base configuration on the Parent is unconstrained (fields are not defined as Mandatory or Disabled).
Once the base config for that element is no longer constrained, UI Layers for Person Types “Contingent Worker” and “Employees” can then be created to then constrain fields based on the Person Type for a regular Employee or a Contingent Worker.

Please note: This means that you add your Enabled, Mandatory and Visibility constraints on the New Config UI and not the base element. This is because the Import Framework does not currently support these UI layers when validating data, only the base configuration. Therefore you need to plan in the base element, which fields you will use for ALL employment, and then constrain what is available in the UI via the New Config UI layers you create.

Let’s take Personal Information (personalInfo) element as an example for how the UI layers should be configured:

  1. Configure “personalInfo” hris-element in BCUI, so that all fields used by the customer (for all Person Types) are present, and the fields are defined as Editable and NOT mandatory.
  2. Create a UI layer for Person Type “Contingent Worker” for personalInfo hris-element – here you can then make fields Disabled, Read-only or mandatory.
  3. Create a UI layer for Person Type “Employee” for personalInfo hris-element – here you can then make fields Disabled, Read-only or mandatory.

So the rule of thumb here is – the “base” configuration is not constrained (every field the customer uses for all person types is enabled and editable) and then you further constrain what fields each different Person Type will see or be required to fill in based on customer requirement. This is the same logic we apply when creating Business Rules to make fields Mandatory (you always use a rule to make a field Mandatory – not make a mandatory field NOT mandatory).


How To create a New Person Type for Contingent Worker

To create the New UI Config, please follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Manage Business Configuration from the Admin Centre
  2. Click on the expand icon for one of the supported elements
  3. Select the "Configure New Person Type"  button.
  4. Select Contingent Worker from the Person Type drop down.
  5. Configure the fields you wish to use in this new config and save changes

           "Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental."

           Configure New Person Type.jpg



Please Note:

This UI creates a new UI Layer template on top of your already existing element.
Due to this, the Manage Business Configuration UI for the New Config UI does not look the same as the general configuration layout, for example only the following 5 options can be maintained to constraint fields configuration -:

  • Identifier = Field ID
  • Enabled = Is the field enabled or not?
  • Required = Is the field Required or not?
  • Visibility = Is the field Editable or View Only?

This UI takes all fields which are defined in the base element and displays them in the new UI, where you can either choose to enable or disable them, along with changing the value of the 4 other attributes of the field, listed above.
Due to this the identifier field is not a drop-down as usually displayed and if you wish to enable a field for the contingent worker UI only, it must be defined on the base object first.


Which elements support a Person Type UI for Contingent Worker?

The following table explains which general blocks are supported for Contingent Workers (out the box) and also which portlets currently support a Contingent Worker Person Type UI

Please see the table in the "Setting Up and Using Business Configuration UI (BCUI)" guide, which shows all general blocks that are supported for Contingent Workers (out the box) and also which portlets currently support a Contingent Worker Person Type UI. (Please do note that you have to log on to website for the link to work).

In case the direct link above does not work, you can do a search to the above mention guide name directly in

(Please also note - for some blocks, though they are not delivered as standard for a Contingent Worker, you can enable them using the Contingent Worker Person Type UI, such as Address Info)


  • Q) Are Employee Profile blocks (EP and Succession Data) available for a Contingent Worker?
    • A) It is now supported after the 2011 release to see basic live profile data for contingent workers. See article 2611145 - Employee Profile Blocks not Visible for Contingent Workers
  • Q) Are Custom MDF Blocks supported for a Contingent Worker?
    • A) See article 2537796 - Contingent Workforce: Are Custom MDF portlets and blocks supported for Contingent Workers?
  • Q) Are Contingent Worker UI's available for Country Specific element configurations?
    • A) Currently only homeAddress and jobInfo support Contingent Worker UI's for their Country Specific configurations.
  • Q) Do EC Data Imports consider the New Config UI when validating the import data?
    • A) No. Currently the EC Import Framework will not consider the New Config UI's configuration when validating the import data. Therefore it is imperative that you follow the Best Practice advice above, about only constraining fields in the Contingent Worker and Employee UI's, except where the field may be required for both employment, then it can be configured as required in the base configuration as well as the Person type UI's.
  • Q) I am unable to add rules to the Person Type UI configuration
    • A) This is expected. All rule configuration should be made on the base element and not the Config UI.
  • Q) When I add a new field to the base configuration, for example to jobInfo element, the field does not automatically appear in the related Person Type UI's and has to be manually added.
    • A) This is currently expected, there is no synchronization between the base element and the Config UI. Therefore the field needs to be manually added to the person Type UI's after it is added to the base configuration.
  • Q) Does this control the order of the fields displayed in the Add New Contingent Worker Wizard?
    • A) No, this will not control the order of the fields. After creating the UI in Manage Business Configuration, then you can go to 'Configure People Profile' and edit the order of the fields. Usually they will show up in the correct order, but they will have to be re-saved so that this will also take into account for the Contingent Hire Wizard as well.
    • For more information about this process please reference the following KBA:


FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Where can I get information on this from the Guide?

A) Guide: Implementing and Managing a Contingent Workforce

Chapter: Creating a Dynamic User Group for Contingent Workers

See Also

  • 2537796 - Contingent Workforce: Are Custom MDF portlets and blocks supported for Contingent Workers?
  • 2611145 - Employee Profile Blocks not Visible for Contingent Workers
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