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2479560 - How to Configure the Unable to Rate Feature - Performance Management


  • Why use the Unable to Rate or Too New To Rate feature?
  • How do you enable Unable to Rate in all sections or specific sections in the form?

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1.Why and when use the Unable to Rate feature?

  • The Unable to Rate field on Manage Templates is a field where you can type a label that will explain the reason why an employee cannot be rated.
  • This option will appear within the Rating Scale of the form, this will not impact in any positive or negative way in the Overall Ratings of the employee.
  • Some examples of use are when the employee is too new to be rated or that section is not applicable to the employee.

2. How to configure this feature in Manage Template?

  • Go to Admin Center >Manage Templates.
  • To apply unable to rate in all sections, go to General Settings. Enter the value and click Apply.
  • To apply unable to rate in specific section, go to the Section in the Template you want to configure.
  • Note the Unable to Rate field, you can write the reason/name of the option for why the employee will not be applicable to the rating.
  • For each section, enter the value for Unable to Rate.

      Unable to rate.PNG

  • Save the template and launch a new form to test the new Unable to Rate option in the Rating Scale.


3. How to configure this feature in the Form XML?

The <unrated-rating> attribute is used to configure this feature. Here is an example.

<rating-label><![CDATA[Official Rating]]></rating-label>
<rating-label-others><![CDATA[Unofficial Rating]]></rating-label-others>
<default-rating>Select a rating</default-rating>
<unrated-rating>Too New to Rate</unrated-rating>
<section-permission type="hidden">
<publish-button-label><![CDATA[Publish Content]]></publish-button-label>

4. How to remove this rating?

 If you don't need this rating, just leave the 'Unable to Rate' field blank in Manage Template or remove the <unrated-rating> attributes from the form XML.

5. Is this feature also applicable to Performance Potential Summary section and Objective Competency Summary section?

Yes. But it needs to configure in provisioning.

6. The feature also applies to 360 reviews

Note: in order to make changes in Provisioning, please contact your Implementation Partner. If you don't have a Partner, you can find for SAP Certified Partners via the SAP Partner Finder or, alternatively, speak with your Account Executive or Customer Engagement Executive about Professional Services options.

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