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2479576 - Restrictions On Changing The Status of Tickets


You would like to understand the restrictions on changing the status of tickets


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Reproducing the Issue

The status schema is defined in the Fune tuning:


For the same Life Cycle Status, different Assignment Status can be selected.

  • Processor Action: The ticket is created by the requestor and the processor has to react to the ticket. For example, the customer creates a ticket and the first level support reacts to the ticket.
  • Planner Action: The ticket is forwarded to a planner or technician who has to do the work, such as repairing a technical issue, or delivering services. This assignment status sets also the Requires Work flag in the ticket.
  • Requestor Action: The ticket is in process and the support colleague asks the customer to do something on his or her side to solve the issue.
  • Provider Action: The first level support cannot solve the ticket alone and needs help from the second level support or a third party provider. You can use this status and the ticket is forwarded automatically to the corresponding destination. For example, an external system. Please notice that once the ticket is set to Provider Action, this is not reversible from the first level support side. If the ticket is wronly forwarded to Provider Action, a workaround is to create a copy of this ticket and set them back to the desired status and set the affected ticket as Irrelevant.
  • Not Assigned: Can only be used with Life Cycle Status Closed.


SAP Standard does not allow the following movement related to status:

It is not possible to:

  1. Change the LC Status of a Ticket to a LC Status with Assignment Status "Provider Action" or "Planner Action".
    If the ticket is inconsistent

  2. Change the LC Status of a Ticket to a status Provider Action:
    Change the LC Status of a "Closed" Ticket to Open or In Process (or any other LC status which is not closed).
    • If the ticket has an approval status which is is 'In-Approval', 'Not Started', ‘Revision’ or ‘Withdrawn’.
    • If the ticket has a LC Status Open.     
    • If the ticket has a Status Provider Action.
  3. Change the LC Status of a Ticket to Open if the Ticket is with LC status In Process, Closed or any other status than open. 
  4. Change the LC Status of a Ticket to the status Provider Action,  Planner Action or  LifeCycle status Open.
    If the ticket has LC Status Closed.

This restrictions are also valid for workflow rules. Example: If you configure a workflow to perform a field update from ticket status In Process to Open, the workflow will not work, since this is not possible.

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