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2480068 - How can I request for additional storage?


How can I request for additional storage?


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Reproducing the Issue

  • When user is trying to attach files in the instance, they are receiving "The file size of [file_name] exceeds the maximum file size limit of [numeric_size_value] kilobytes or the file size is 0" error message.
  • Administrator is receiving Document Attachment storage limit e-mail notification.
  • Customer reached their allocated attachment storage limit. This can be viewed from Admin Center > Manage Documents page.


With the introduction of attachment storage limits on a tenant and the ability to purchase additional attachment storage space, as required for your business needs, it was necessary to provide a more detailed and convenient view of tenant’s attachment storage information. Additional storage is available for purchase after the SAP SuccessFactors Production Release on May 21, 2021. For more information please refer to:

How to request additional storage?

Please contact your Account Team/CEE’s to work with you on placing an order under SKU 8009345 (SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, attachment storage add-on (500 GB)).

How does allocation of purchased storage work? Why can’t some customers see an increase in allocation even after a purchase is made?

When additional storage quantity is bought, it is first allocated to the deficit (if any) that is currently overallocated. (Overallocated – Storage above the free 500 GB allocation for all productive tenants). If a customer who is overallocated wants to extend their storage allocation, the purchase order must account for deficit + desired allocation when order quantity decisions are made. Else, the purchased quantity goes against the deficit and customer is unable to see an increase in Total Storage Allocation.

What to know about pricing for additional storage?

Current pricing can be found at Pricing App under SKU 8009345. For any assistance, you can reach out to your regional Deals Desk team.

What to do if there is a critical business down situation with no time to process an order for additional storage?

Please submit a case to support using "LOD-SF-PLT-DOC" component together with the following information below:

    1. Customer approval
    2. Company ID and Data Center
    3. Business Justification

NOTE: This is not free allocation. Any storage consumed falling under this, will be discussed during the RENEWAL process.

FOR SUPPORT: See [INTERNAL] How can I request for additional storage? on how to proceed with urgent request or critical business down situation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Is it possible to delete old attachments directly from Manage Documents page?

Answer: The "delete" option is only applicable for attachments uploaded directly in Manage Documents page. Should you require to delete attachments uploaded outside this, you can do any of the following:

      • You can navigate to the module page where the attachment was uploaded and delete/remove it from there.
      • You can also opt to use the Auto Data Purge option which allows auto purging of attachments in BizX, depending on the retention time set. More details can be found on this section of the admin guide.

2. Why are deleted attachments still visible under Manage Documents page?

Answer: If an attachment was deleted or removed directly from the module page where it was uploaded and is still visible under Manage Documents page, this means that the module attachment is using "soft deletion". To improve consistency across all module attachments in BizX, we are targeting to fix this in the next release (b2111). Further updates regarding this enhancement will be provided in this KBA.

3. Post refresh, why are attachments in my TARGET instance showing "The document you are trying to access has been removed from the system" when downloaded from Manage Documents page?

Answer: This is expected behavior as discussed in KBA 2900061. As announced in b2005 release, attachments are not included for BizX Refreshes (both Manual and Automated refreshes).

4. I have storage values falling under "Out of Compliance" bucket. What does this mean?

Answer: This means that you consumed storage space over the base allocation set for BizX tenants (500 GB). Anything that falls under "Out of Compliance" is subject to charges and will be discussed with you during renewals. Please reach out to your  CSM, CEEs or Account Managers for further details on purchasing additional storage.

5. If I have a value in out of compliance storage, will I be prevented from uploading attachments?

Answer: No. In this scenario, customers will be not be prevented from uploading attachments in BizX. However, consumed storage outside base allocation are subject to charges during renewals. See question #4 above.

6. I already consumed the total allocation storage for my BizX instance, what is the next step?

Answer: Please reach out to your CSM/CEE/ Account Manager to purchase additional storage for your tenant. To avoid further issues, we advise that you purchase additional storage before you reach the limit.

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