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2484582 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on SAP SuccessFactors Learning - Reports


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This document is around Frequently Asked Questions on SuccessFactors Learning Management System (Reports).

Please note this is a live document. Content will added as we receive more feedback and questions.

Topics Covered:
 - LMS Reports
 - Plateau Report Designer


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Q1. How can I change the logo of my reports?
A1. Report logo can be changed by using the PRD (Plateau Report Designer)
      You can also reach out to our Custom Development team who can assist you with building custom reports.
Q2. I modified the certificate of completion report. However when admin runs the report, changes does not reflect.
A2. Certificate of Completion report is available in 3 places.
      a. User side
      b. Admin side
      c. System report (while record learning)
      If you wish to see unified certificate of completion report, you will need to change them at the 3 mentioned places.
Q3. What is the maximum size limit for my report?
A3. The recommended and maximum supported value is 10485760 (10MB).

      Although there wont be a warning or error when setting it to a higher value, support will not cover issues for report output files bigger than 10 MB.

Q4. What is the maximum time-out limit for reports?
A4. In the SuccessFactors LMS system, we do not have any restriction on the timeout limit for the report. It is however not suggested to increase the report more than 10 minutes for online report and 20 minutes for background reports.

Q5. Can we use report filters in user side report?
A5. We do not support using report filters on user side reports. Even if you customize the report and add filters, it will not work at the time of execution.
Q6. Where can I download the latest version of PRD (Plateau Report Designer) tool?
A6. You can always find the updated version of PRD here - 2318900
Q7. Why does my report keep timing out?
A7. The report can timeout if the time taken to process the data is exceeds the set limit. Running the report for huge data sets can cause this behavior. 
      It is always advised to break down the reports using report filters. It will prevent the reports from timing out.
      If the report is timing out for a very small set of data, say 10 entities; please reach out to our support team.
Q8. Can I send my scheduled reports directly to SFTP?
A8. Yes, it is possible by configuring the REPORT_SYSTEM entity. For detailed explanation, please follow the guidelines mentioned in the KBA here - 2075193
Q9. Can I send scheduled reports to our company FTP/SFTP?
A9. You can send reports to your company SFTP. Use the KBA mentioned here to configure the settings - 2075193
      However, we would not be able to send the reports to FTP. FTP is not considered secure enough and hence the port 21 (standard FTP port) is not open for communication.

Q10. Where can I find technical documentation on PRD?
A10. Please use the KBA 2320765 to get technical information on PRD Tool/Reporting.
Q11. Where can I find the Data Dictionary.
A11. Please use this link to get latest documentation around SuccessFactors LMS. It will also include all the versions of Data Dictionary.
        - Access this link with your S-User credentials (SAP Help Portal) and choose the "Data Dictionary and Database Changes" link.
Q12. How do I delete inactive admin's scheduled reports

Please refer to teh following SAP KBA for assistance -

2250223 - Edit or Delete a Report Job scheduled by Another Admin
Q13. How to find all scheduled reports in LMS?
A13. Currently there is no out of the box report or access where you could see all the scheduled reports. However, if you wish to have this data; you can create a custom report that can pull out information on all scheduled reports for your instance.
        - Tip:  (use PA_REPORT_JOB table to list all the scheduled report jobs and PA_REPORT_JOB_RESULT table to find the respective results)

Q14. What timezone are report timestamps in?
A14. The report will show time stamp in the timezone of your datacenter. 
Q15. Can I change from address, for the scheduled report job email?
A15. The from address is picked from the Email configuration (System Admin > Configuration > Global Variables > Email>
        The admin email ID will be the "from" email address. You cannot specifically change the "from" address for scheduled reports.
Q16. How do I know which admins are accessing PRD?
A16. PRD is accessible only to the ones who have a role REPORT_DEVELOPER. If you navigate to System Admin > Security > Roles > REPORT_DEVELOPER; go to users tab. You can see all the admins that have been assigned to this role. They can access PRD.
        However, you cannot find out exactly who accessed PRD and when they did that. If you need this data for some security audit purpose, please contact the support team.
Q17. Can I Connect TOAD/SQL Developer database for my PRD?
A17. No, we only support PRD application access over VJDBC Connection. No other third party software is supported by SuccessFactors.
Q18. Is there a report that I can run in my LMS that would show the last time user accessed the system?
A18. The only out of the box report around login information is the Customer Usage Data. You may however, choose to customize the report or create a custom report to obtain different kinds of login data. The details are available in the table PA_LOGIN_SESSION_INFO.

Q19. Can we create custom report filters in PRD and use in LMS Reports?
A19. Unfortunately, no. Currently the system is limited to using only Report Filters available via the Reports Library provided out of the box.

Q20. Does Item Evaluation Report calculate "Mean Score" for inactive questions?
A20. Yes, Item Evaluation Report will include inactive questions when calculating mean scores. We must consider inactive questions to compute the mean score since there have been responses to the corresponding questions. While computing the mean score, it is computed against the same rating id, irrespective of whether the question is active/inactive.


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