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2485380 - Support GO/FO fields in the Offer


What Generic Object & Foundation Object fields are supported in the Offer detail template XML.


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Offer Detail

Offer Detail has been enhanced to support GO/FO fields. This was in continuation with supporting GO/FO fields on the Job Requisition earlier.

In the Offer detail template it would be possible to define standard GO/FO fields as well as custom fields.

The 6 standard GO/FO fields are

  • Legal Entity (Company) --> name of standard field 
  • Business Unit
  • Division
  • Department
  • Cost Center
  • Location

To Set up GO/FO fields the first change that would need to be carried out would be to the Offer detail template.

Offer Detail Template

A GO/FO field type can be defined on the Offer Detail template using the following tags

  • type="object"
  • object-type="<name of the GO/FO>"

A field of type Foundation Object and Generic Object can only be defined if the field is derived from the Job Requisition, that is, a field with the attribute template-type=“job-req”.

Note: As the Job Application does not currently support GO/FO fields, it would not be possible to define a GO/FO field in the Offer Detail with template-type="job-application"

Example of how to define the standard department GO field which derives its value from the Job Requisition.

<field-definition id="department_obj" type="object" object-type="Department" required="true" custom="false" template-type="job-req" anonymize="false">

<field-label mime-type="text-plain">





Read/Write Permissions

It's not possible to provide write permission to the standard GO fields (Legal Entity, Business Unit, Division, Department and Cost Center) with write permission. However the standard Location FO field can have write permission.

Custom fields derived from the Job Requisition can have write permission if they are marked as Custom Reportable Fields in provisioning from the page 'Configure Reportable Custom Fields'.

Field Criteria definition

For fields that are derived from the Job Requisition, the field criteria must be defined the exact same between both the Offer detail template and the job requisition template. Additionally for a hierarchy of fields (more than 2 levels of hierarchy eg, legal entity --> business unit --> division) with field criteria, all the fields in the hierarchy would need to be defined in the Offer Detail template for field criteria to apply. If any intermediate fields in the hierarchy are skipped from being defined, then the field criteria would not apply.


Again as per the existing behavior the labels for all the fields are read from the Offer Detail template.

Note: Labels for 6 standard GO/FO fields are NOT read from the Succession Data Model as in the case of Job Requisition.

Offer Approval List Page

In the Offer Approval page a new column was added for the standard Location FO field. This column would be used if the standard Location FO field was defined in the Offer Detail template.

Note: A new switch was introduced in Admin to allow the customer to hide the existing Location field (non FO). The details of the switch are mentioned below

Admin --> Manage Recruiting Settings --> Offer Approval --> Disable Location On Offer Approval Summary Page



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