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2487635 - How to Extract Purchase Orders Based on Status Using Data Extraction?


Your requirement is to extract the Purchase Orders based on the Status using the Data Extraction in Application and User Management. But while we apply the Selection Criteria, we are not able to see any field to choose the Purchase Order Status for example: In Approval, In Preparation, Finished, Sent, Rejected, Canceled and so on.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Application and User Management workcenter
  2. Go to Data Extraction view
  3. Select New
  4. Fill the required fields below:
  5. Run ID: XXXXX (where XXXXX represents the Run ID of Data Extraction)
  6. Run Description: YYYYY (where YYYYY represents the Run Description of Data Extraction)
  7. Extraction Object: Purchase Orders
  8. In the Selection Criteria, select Add Row
  9. Choose Parameter Name: STATUS-PO_LIFE_CYCLE_STCD using the drop-down list
  10. There is no field to provide the Purchase Order status


To extract Purchase Orders as per the Status, enter the values in the Lower Boundary field as per the Status Code value which are as below:
1 - In Preparation
2 - In Approval
3 - In Revision
4 - Rejected
5 - Not Yet Acknowledged
6 - Sent
7 - Acknowledgement Received
8 - Canceled
9 - Follow-Up Document Created
10 - Finished

For example, if you are trying to extract all Purchase Orders which are In Approval, then specify the Selection Criteria as below.
Parameter Description: Purchase Order Status
Inclusion/Exclusion: Inclusion
Operator: Equal to
Lower Boundary: 2
Upper Boundary:

Once the Selection Criteria is chosen follow the below steps:

  1. Select Save
  2. Choose Activate and Run
  3. Download the Extraction files


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