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2490198 - Error Message: “You must log on to the productive system to perform this operation” While Performing Copy Solution Profile / Terminating the Restore Point


Your requirement is to copy the Solution Profile from the Test system to existing Production system. Upon requesting the Solution Profile copy from the test system, you see the below error:

You must log on to the productive system to perform this operation

Note: The same error could happen while Terminating the Restore Point. By logging into the Test tenant, upon trying to terminate the Restore Point from the Test system

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to your Test system
  2. Go Service Control Center work center
  3. Go to Systems view
  4. Select Source instance
  5. Select Copy Solution Profile button
  6. Source system is selected
  7. Choose your respective Solution Profile
  8. Select respective tenant as Target System
  9. Select Ok
  10. System throws error


The copy of Solution Profile from test system to existing production system is not valid.


Resolution for Copy Solution profile scenario:

This is the standard behavior. It is not possible to transfer the data by any means from existing test system to an existing production system. There is no way to move the delta changes from Solution Profile of Test system to existing Production system.

In standard package you can have only one Test Tenant and one Production Tenant.

In this case, you need to report an case to SAP and provide the decommissioning date for the existing Production system. Thereafter, you may request for a new Production system with the Solution Profile copy of Test system.

The other scenarios which may lead to this error message is,

  1. Test to Test
  2. Test to Development

In both the cases, Copy Solution profile is not supported.

Please note, Solution profile copy is supported only from Production System to Test System.

Note: In case of copying solution profile from Test to Test, the functionality works when there is no PDI solution in the system (or to copy a solution profile it is generally necessary to have the PDI solutions in sync regarding name, version and status in the source and in the target tenant). In case of any issues, report an case to SAP

Resolution for Terminating the Restore Point scenario:

It is not possible to terminate the Restore Point for the Test tenant by logging into the same Test tenant. Logon to the Production tenant and perform the action to terminate the Restore Point.


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