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2490604 - How to Create Time Accounts with Bookable Periods and Accrual Quantities that are not Supported by Standard Functionality


Your requirement is to configure the system to allow the automatic creation of Time Accounts with the required Accrual Rules.

For example:

For the activity Time Accounts - Japan, you have local requirement for Japan as per law regarding Annual Paid Leave.

The summary rule is like below:

Years of service     Annual paid leave
0.5                          10
1.5                          11
2.5                          12
3.5                          14
4.5                          16
5.5                          18
6.5                          20

Two years rule is limitation of Annual Paid leave. Annual paid leave must be Set to Zero after 2 years.

2016/1/1 join a Company
2016/7/1 get 10 days of Annual Paid Leave
2017/7/1 get 11 days of Annual Paid Leave
2018/7/1 lose 10 days of Annual Paid Leave which was obtained on 2016/7/1
2018/7/1 get 12 days of Annual Paid Leave


SAP Business ByDesign


The automatic creation of Time Accounts with the required Accrual Rules cannot be performed by the system.

You have to modify the Bookable Dates for the Time Account instances in the Time File of the Employees. This would be done in conjunction with Manual Adjustments, that will handle the Accrual Quantities.

You may follow the below steps in your system:

1. Go to Business Configuration work center

2. Choose Implementation Projects view

3. Choose Open Activity List Button

4. Choose Fine Tune Tab

5. Find and choose the activity Time Accounts - XXXXX (where XXXXX represents the name of country)

6. Choose Open Button

7. Under Time Account Types, choose Maintain Time Account Types

8. Select Add Row

9. Create a Time Account Type with the Recurrence Type as Calendar Year with Validity from 01.01.0001 to Unlimited

10. At the bottom of the screen, select Add Row

11. The Bookable From field would be Start of time account, and Bookable To can be End of time account with Validity from 01.01.0001 to Unlimited

12. Select Save and Close

13. Under Time Account Types, choose Maintain Time Account Rules

14. Select Add Row

15. Create the Time Account Type 

16. Go to Period End Rules tab

17. The Period End Processing Rule which is Posting Type should be Set to Zero

18. In addition, the Vacation Time Type has to be modified in Business Configuration workcenter to specify the new Time Account to which Postings will be made (as Deductions)


Changes to be made in Time file of the Employee are as below:

1. Go to Time Administration workcenter

2. Go to Employees view

3. Show All Employees and find the Employee XYZ (where XYZ represents the Employee)

4. Select Edit

5. Go to Time Profile tab

6. Select Add Row

7. Assign the Time Account Type in the Employee's Time Profile

8. Select Save

9. Go to Time Account Balances tab of the Time File

10. Select the Time Account instance that is created for this Time Account

11. At the bottom of the screen, select the sub-tab Basic Data

12. Change the dates that are to match the required dates that are particular to the Employee (for the above example, based on the date that is 6 months after their Hire date)

13. Select the Adjustments tab

14. Select Add Row

15. Create a Manual Adjustment of the Time Account

16. The Posting On date of the Manual Adjustment must be the same as that as the date of the Time Account itself

17. The Quantity would be based on the Seniority Rules as specified

18. Select Save and Close

When the configuration of the Time Account Type is done in this way, the change of the Time Account instance dates as well as the Quantity can be done once a year for all the Employees, for the newly created Time Account instances. Therefore, you can cover the legal aspects of the particular Time Account Type.


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