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2492408 - Supplier Invoice Clearing - Conversion rate for Currency PQR and DEF missing on DD.MM.YYYY


You have posted a Supplier invoice with an amount in currency PQR (where PQR stands for the transaction currency). The exchange rate for this invoice was maintained manually.

The Journal Entry takes into account the exchange rate maintained on the invoice, however, when trying to create the payment for this invoice, error message: Conversion rate for Currency PQR and DEF missing on DD.MM.YYYY is raised (where DEF stands for the expected conversion currency).

Therefore it is not possible to clear this invoice with its payment.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Supplier Invoicing Work Centre.
  2. Go to Invoices and Credit Memos View.
  3. Search for Invoice XXX (where XXX stands for the Invoice ID).
  4. Click on Edit and then View All.
  5. In the General tab you can see that amount is maintained in currency PQR.
  6. Navigate to the Exchange Rates subtab.
  7. The Exchange Rate has been maintained manually with unit Currency being PQR and and Quoted currency being DEF.


  1. Now, navigate to the Document Flow.
  2. Open the associated posting  for Supplier Invoice XXX.
  3. For the relevant Line items, the Exchange rate is being applied:

Transaction Currency Amount is in currency PQR.

Company Currency Amount is DEF.

  1. Now navigate to the Payables work centre.
  2. Open the Supplier Account view.
  3. Search for Supplier YYY (where YYY stands for the Supplier ID).
  4. Click on View.
  5. Navigate to the Trade Payables tab - Invoices / Payments.
  6. Select Document ID XXX - amount displayed is in currency PQR
  7. Click on the Pay Manually By button.
  8. Choose the relevant Payment Method.
  9. On the new payment screen, error message is raised:

 Conversion rate for Currency PQR and DEF missing on DD.MM.YYYY


This is the expected system behavior, this error message is being raised because the relevant Exchange Rates have not been maintained for the involved transactions.

Even if you maintain the Exchange Rate manually on the Supplier Invoice, this rate will not be picked up during your payment transactions as this is not the system's logic.


  1. Navigate to the General Ledger work center.
  2. Go to Common Tasks.
  3. Open Edit Exchange Rates.
  4. Maintain the relevant Exchange Rates expected for your transactions.

You are now able to proceed with the payment and clearing of Supplier Invoice XXX.

See Also

For further information, please refer to Help Documents available from the Help Center:  Exchange Rates Quick Guide and Exchange Rate, Exchange Rate Type, and Conversion Type.


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