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  • What is the logic behind IsOnboardingUser flag?
  • How can we utilize IsOnboardingUser as a permission filter in our system?

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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0


For Live Customer(s), Implementation Partner(s), and Consultant(s)

In general whenever you create candidate, their new account will get assigned to 2 roles "Employee(Self service) role" and "Employee(information about other employees) role" or any permission role with target population as all. The purpose of editing a data model element is to use as permission base for New Hires and limit their access to system until they complete their paper work. The Succession Data Model does not contain IsOnboardingUser field by default. By adding IsOnboardingUser as a custom field you can enable the system to initialize this parameter when Pre-Day 1 user records are created.

For every Pre-Day 1 user record, the IsOnboardingUser field value will be set to YES. Based on the field's value, you can classify Pre-Day 1 users and setup criteria for granting role-based permissions. This solution is also use for ONB-BIZX-LMS integration where duplicate accounts are created ('Use Same UserID' not enabled).

Configuring Data Model for Pre-Day 1 Access

For live customer(s), editing the custom field is out of scope of product support and should be initially done by an SAP Certified Partner/Consulant or SAP Professional Services. See below instruction on how it is done.

  • Step 1: Logon to SAP SuccessFactors back end and access target customer instance
  • Step 2: Download the Succession Data Model in Import/Export Data Model
  • Step 3: Replace one of the 15 custom data model element fields with ID 'IsOnboardingUser'

    In below example, custom2 field has been renamed and below changes need to be done in succession data model xml


    <standard-element id="custom01" max-length="255" required="false" matrix-filter="false">
        <label>Customizable Field 1</label>
        <label xml:lang="en-US">Customizable Field 1</label>

    <standard-element id="custom01" max-length="255" required="false" matrix-filter="false">
        <label xml:lang="en-US">IsOnboardingUser</label>

  • Please note that do NOT add any picklist at this part.
  • Step 4: Save the file
  • Step 5: Upload the data model back to SAP SuccessFactors back end

IsOnboardingUser Logic

  • When the Hiring Manager or Recruiter verified the information of the new hire in Post-Hire Verification step, Pre-Day 1 User will be created after the step is completed. The element contains IsOnboardingUser will now have a value of YES.
  • For customers with Employee Central, when the Hiring Manager or Recruiter added the new hire in the system via Manage Pending Hires the value will turn to NO; for customers without Employee Central after the OnStartDate job picks the new hire and change the status to hired, IsOnboardingUser will have a value of NO.
  • For customers with Employee Central and without Recruiting, using "HRIS Sync" job, IsOnboardingUser flag changes to No when candidate is completed in MPH with Start date today or in the past. When you complete candidate in MPH and start date is in future, the flag is changed to NO at the start date by "HRIS Sync" job.

Note: The filter in People Pool can have only YES/NO or blank. If some other values are available means that the field is configured incorrectly.

  • YES - means pre-day1 user
  • NO or blank - means normal employee

IsOnboardingUser as Filter for Role Based Permissions

  • System Administrators may utilize this custom field as a filter level when creating a Permission Group, this group will help limit what new hires can access
  • The IsOnboardingUser flag is also use to exclude new hire accounts in employee export to BizX-LMS integration

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IsOnboardingUser status will not changed if New Hire's OnboardingCandidateInfo Object hired flag is manually changed using Import and Export Data

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